The Best Places to Stay in Kaliningrad

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30 September 2017

Kaliningrad is very much worth visiting, with plenty of attractions and things todo. It definitely deserves more than a one-day visit. Luckily, it offers places to stay to fit any taste and budget. From bunk beds in hostels to spa hotels, here are the best places to stay in Kaliningrad.

Amalienau, Kaliningrad

Hostel, Apartment
4.3/5 (3 Reviews)
Amalienau, Kaliningrad
Amalienau, Kaliningrad | Courtesy of

A nice little hostel located in one of the older parts of town, in a post-german villa neighbourhood. A peaceful, quiet spot not very far away from the city centre. Perfect for travellers on a budget.

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  • Brand new hostel located in the very city centre, able to accommodate a group of any size. Are you a couple? A family of four? A solo traveller? There is a room for you. All rooms are fully furnished and equipped and designed with a hostel audience in mind. Some of the rooms offer a river view. Breakfast is not included, but you can buy on the premises for a small additional fee.

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    Crazy Dog, Kaliningrad

    Budget Hotel, Hostel
    Map View
    Crazy Dog, Kaliningrad
    Crazy Dog, Kaliningrad | Courtesy of

    No matter if you travel with a family, a group of friends or solo, Crazy Dog Hostel is a place for you. It is a cute little hostel in the very city centre, close to one of the ponds that the city grows around. With more than 60 reviews and 5.0 overall rating, it is also TripAdvisor’s audience favourite.

    CHAIKA HOTEL, Kaliningrad

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
    4.6/5 (23 Reviews)
    CHAIKA HOTEL, Kaliningrad
    CHAIKA HOTEL, Kaliningrad | Courtesy of

    A reasonably priced, nice hotel in the very city centre. Classy, but not extravagant. Perfect for a quick overnight stay or a business trip. The on-site restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, none of which is included in the price of the room. The hotel is located just a short walk from all the important points of the city.

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    Guest house "Paraiso", Kaliningrad

    Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse
    Map View
    Guest house "Paraiso", Kaliningrad
    Guest house "Paraiso", Kaliningrad | Courtesy of

    Hotel Paraiso is a nice, family-friendly bed and breakfast a little bit away from the city centre. If it is a historic, local experience that you are after, Hotel Paraiso is your place. Located in an old Prussian red-brick villa right next to the Botanic Garden, it is a perfect spot for a calm stay and long afternoon walks. Breakfast is available but not included in the room price.

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    If you’re on a very special trip or just feel like splurging a little bit, Hotel Kaiserhof is a great choice. Located on a bank of the Pregola River in the beautiful Fishing Village in the very heart of Kaliningrad, it is a perfect starting point for sightseeing. Upon their return, tired travellers can indulge in a swimming session in the indoor pool or take advantage of one of the many spa procedures. Breakfast is available but not included in the room price.

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a medieval castle and live like medieval nobles? Hotel Nesselbeck has all the answers for you. It is located in a building styled as a medieval castle. All the rooms follow suit: canopy beds, baroque armchairs, red brick walls. The hotel provides some non-medieval attractions as well, namely a spa and a swimming pool. Breakfast is included. A perfect spot for a day out of town.

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    Spa Hotel "Zelenogradsk"

    Spa Hotel
    4.8/5 (19 Reviews)
    Spa Hotel "Zelenogradsk"
    Spa Hotel "Zelenogradsk" | Courtesy of

    If you wish to embark on a trip to Curonian Spit, Zelenogradsk is a great place to stop. A small town located at the very tip of the spit, Zelenogradsk has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation. Zelenogradsk Spa Hotel is one of the more pricey but also one of the more glamorous options. Indulge in a variety of spa procedures, enjoy a traditional Russian steam room and, if the weather allows it, sunbathe on a terrace. Breakfast is included.

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    If you’d like to stay in the Curonian Spit National Park itself, this is your place. A little, cosy bed and breakfast in a village right in the middle of the Curonian Spit. If you want to spend some time out in nature, walk, breathe in some iodine-filled sea air and enjoy the beauty of the Baltic Sea, you should most certainly dedicate a few days of your stay to this part of the region; Villa Elisa Zarkau is a perfect, budget place to stay.

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