The Best Places to Enjoy Wine in the Rostov-On-Don Area

Rosé wine | © Chris Pople / Flickr
Rosé wine | © Chris Pople / Flickr
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Contributor / Journalist30 September 2017

Sometimes a wine bar is a difficult thing to define, especially if you’re far from any regions known for wine. Without exception, these are the places where the wine experience in the Rostov-On-Don area is taken very seriously, with staff ready to help you find the perfect choice according to your preferences from their often massive wine lists.

New York

Bar, Restaurant, American, Wine, $$$
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Some visitors may think that you come here first and foremost for the steaks – and only secondly for the rest of the menu essentials. However, you absolutely cannot ignore the immense wine selection provided by the owners of the restaurant. The wine bar of New York is a place with plenty of wine, imported and local cheese, and a communal dish of mixed nuts. Whether you’re a wine expert or a complete beginner, you’ll find something new on the list for sure.

Mozart Wine House

Gastropub, Wine Bar, European, Wine, $$$
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The wine list of this small venue is built around local and imported wines you won’t find anywhere else in the city of Rostov-On-Don. The menu has a detailed description to help you choose the right bottle according to your preferences from any single region of the world. The many cheese and ham plates on offer do their part to help you find the best wine “aroma.” We highly recommend that you visit this venue on Thursday, as they have a special wine-tasting course in winter. Call in advance to get more information.

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Pinot Noir

Diner, Restaurant, French, European, Vegetarian, $$$
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Pinot Noir is an original French restaurant and wine bar right in the heart of Rostov-On-Don. This is the ideal place to go for a great French dining experience, not to mention the wine – what a selection! The menu changes every month according to the chef’s ideas, influenced by the seasons and produce availability. Expect typical French courses, such as tartare with fresh mint and home-baked bread, escargots, and mussels.

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Papa Rostov

Restaurant, Russian, Italian, $$$
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A very traditional and cozy Russian restaurant and bar with private dining rooms and great Italian pizzas on offer, Papa Rostov offers you a vast choice of champagnes, wines, cocktails, apéritifs, digestifs, and local vodka matched with plates of oysters, imported cheeses with ham, as well as traditional Russian desserts. The prices are also more than affordable. It is a good option for those who prefer to go to the bar right after dinner, not ready to take that cab home just yet.

Red Burger Bar

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While Red Burger Bar offers a typical pizza, burger, and sandwich menu, it also provides an opportunity to choose from a great many options and to customize your meal. In addition, there is a very large wine list, providing a selection that ranges from traditional local wines to North American imports.