The Best Places to Eat on a Budget in Sochi

Server in restaurant | © StockSnap / Pixabay
Server in restaurant | © StockSnap / Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist11 September 2017

For all the Russians who visit Sochi, it is a well-known fact that the prices in this city are more or less the same as they are in Moscow. In other words, it is expensive. But what should a visitor do if he or she wants to dine out on a budget or just grab a quick snack along with a cup of coffee? Here is a list of essential budget eats in the city of Sochi. Despite the reputation of having exorbitant prices, this city still has a lot to offer.

Baran Rapan

Restaurant, Russian
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Sample some delicious and authentic Caucasian and Russian food at the modern and cosy Baran Rapan, located right in the heart of Sochi. The menu offers a variety of traditional, region plates. Most likely because of its location, the restaurant mainly specialises in fish, seafood and meat dishes. And while the menu also features global trends, they only use traditional products of the region, which they receive daily from their vendors. If you’re a wine lover, this place is also an ideal choice; their huge wine list includes various wines from the Old World and New World.

Santorini Sochi

Restaurant, Greek, $$$
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Santorini Sochi is a Greek restaurant in the centre of the city and is an absolute hidden gem. It serves up freshly baked pita bread, tzatziki, traditional Greek salads, chicken dishes and even an Italian menu option for those who crave pizza. As for beverages, they offer Greek and local beers. The price is so ridiculously low for the service provided that you absolutely cannot miss it if you are looking for a budget-friendly meal.


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The main reason to visit Khinkalnaya, a typical Southern Russian restaurant, is undoubtedly its main course called ‘khinkali’, enormous Georgian dumplings filled with meat or vegetables. Here they serve them in a portion of five; it’s a hearty serving as the plate is huge. Also, the dish is affordable. Drink-wise, the restaurant offers local wines, mineral water and fresh juices.


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When it comes to a great late-night or even daytime meeting with friends for a delicious meal, Evelina is ready and waiting for you. The steaks are terrific, as are the baked potatoes with garlic, onion and other local herbs and the freshly cooked khinkali with meat. There’s also a traditional Caucasian bakery on-site, so be ready for some tasty and very cheap lavash bread.

Staryi Bazar

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Serving traditional Russian cuisine, Staryi Bazar, founded and constructed 20 years ago, sits in the place where the old Sochi food market (aka ‘bazar’) once operated six days a week and comes highly recommended. Local snacks, borsch, potatoes, fish and meat plates – everything you could want to try in a typical Russian restaurant is right here in front of you. And the prices are very affordable. Also, the owner is a charming lady who welcomes every guest with warm greetings.