The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks You Should Try in Russia

Drinks. conderdesign (c) | Pixabay
Drinks. conderdesign (c) | Pixabay
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Most visitors from abroad think that the only beverage Russians drink is traditional pure vodka; however, this conclusion is quite wrong. A country as huge as Russia has way more to offer real foodies, especially if we’re talking about non-alcoholic drinks and ancient recipes. Many of these drinks are considered to be the healthiest in Eastern Europe and Asia. Here are the most delicious local drinks available in Russia.

Russian Mors

Mors is considered to be one of the oldest Russian fruit drinks made of boiled berries and fruits, sugar and still water. The ingredients nowadays may vary. Some people even like it with cinnamon and apple powder. Usually mors is prepared with strawberries, cranberries, gooseberries and currants.


This local milk drink looks like a drinkable yogurt, but it’s made from slow-boiled milk. The process of preparation takes approximately six to eight hours at low temperature in the oven. This drink is considered to be one of the healthiest in Russia and it’s usually recommended for children or those who have a stomach problem. You can find it at the supermarket or at the local market.

Tea and Infusions

Undoubtedly, tea is one of the most favourite drinks in Russia. There are many reasons why: cold climate, ancient history and steadfast tradition. Many centuries ago, people drank tea and tea infusions only from Russian samovars. It was a special ritual, where the entire family was obligated to participate. Russians mostly like black teas with milk and sugar, although there are many other tea options available including red teas and citrus teas.


The Kvas drink plays a significant roll in the daily life of Russians. This ridiculously popular drink is made of fermented bread and sparkling water. It is reminiscent of classic beer, but it’s non-alcoholic. Some people prefer to replicate a so-called ‘brewery’ process at home and choose their own ingredients; however, it is widely available at the local supermarket. Kvas is the most popular drink in summer in Russia. We highly recommend trying a homemade Kvas at the local market. The taste is unique and very different from the brands you’ll find at the supermarket.

С давних времен на Руси употребляли прохладительные напитки,  для приготовления которых использовали ягодные и плодовые соки, мед, молоко, хлеб, муку и  различные пряности В XVII в. самым распространенным на Руси напитком становится квас. И до нашего времени он сохранил свою популярность. Известно около 150 рецептов хлебных, фруктовых, ягодных и медовых квасов. В старину готовили квас сладкий, кислый, северный, весенний, ароматный, крестьянский, белый, мятный, окрошечный и др. Чаще всего его варили из хлебных злаков. Для приготовления домашних квасов используют ржаной хлеб, свежие и сушеные фрукты и ягоды, фруктовые соки, мед, ревень и зерновые культуры; в качестве добавок — дрожжи, сахар, изюм и другие продукты. #историярусскойкухни #русскийквас #русскаякухня #ресторантрадициональ #традициональвастане

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Russian Kompot

Kompot is another fruit and berry based drink you may try only in Russia (Russian restaurants may also serve it). This traditional local drink is usually prepared with slow-boiled fruits, berries, spices and sugar syrup. The ingredients and toppings may vary according to individual preferences and the season. There are some unique recipes you will only find in Russia and never online. We highly recommend you try kompot made of sea buckthorn upon your arrival. You won’t find it anywhere in the world, yet it’s the healthiest drink in Russia.

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