The Best Markets In St Petersburg, Russia

The Best Markets In St Petersburg, Russia
Visiting one of the many lively markets in St Petersburg is a great way to experience some of the local culture, which can sometimes seem almost frozen in time here. We list the best places to buy local goods and authentic souvenirs in the city.

Sennoy Market

센노이 시장, St Petersburg
센노이 시장, St Petersburg | Image courtesy of Maria Mitrofanova
Sennoy Market is a specialized retail market in the heart of the historical city center, a five minute walk from the metro station at Sennaya/Sadovaya. The market is knoqn for the quality of its delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as the fresh meat from farms in the Leningrad Region. Sennoy Market is one of the oldest in Saint Petersburg, and dates back to the 18th century, when hay and straw was traded here.
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Polyustrovskiy Market

Polyustrovskiy market has been located on the corner of Kondratieff and Polyustrovskiy avenues for more than half a century. It has grown from a small agricultural market, suited for the working areas, into a real shopping center. The premises host the unique bird market, the only fur market, and a whole kingdom of fishing boats, nets, tackles and bait.

Polyustrovskiy Avenue, 45, Saint Petersburg, +7 812 540 30 39

Image courtesy of Maria Mitrofanova
Image courtesy of Maria Mitrofanova

Matsevskiy Market

Maltsevskiy market is a single market where you can purchase of all the necessary goods for your house. You are welcome to fill your empty baskets with gourmet products, such as fresh fish and local meat, milk and homemade sour cream, luscious fruits and aromatic herbs.

Nekrasova Street, 52, Saint Petersburg, +7 812 275 10 81

Udelnaya Flea Market

Flea market
Flea market | © Albina Yarullina/Flickr
The Udelnaya Flea Market is located just outside the Udelnaya train station. Young locals visit this market specifically for second-hand clothes, which are usually sold on cloth placed on the floor. There are also many elderly vendors selling interesting junk and bric-a-brac including old furniture from noble Leningrad apartments.
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Yunona Market

Yunona is one of the biggest markets in Saint Petersburg. It specializes in selling a wide range of goods, including household appliances, audio and video products, computer equipment and software, and cheap clothing. Yunona appeared as a sort of black market, but over time the trade became civilized, with neat rows of pavilions, popular international brands and street stalls.

Ulitsa Marshala Kazakova, 35, Saint Petersburg, +7 812 385-49-82