The Best Japanese Restaurants in St Petersburg

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30 May 2018

Now, you may be thinking that coming all the way to Russia and eating Japanese food is an odd choice. Perhaps, but St Petersburg is a very creative city, and restaurant owners try to come up with new ways to impress diners. Finding a little piece of authentic Japan in Russia can be a fun and rewarding experience.


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A unique Asian fine-dining experience found in the heart of the city, inside the St Petersburg Four Seasons Hotel, Sintoho features Japanese cuisine as one of the main components of the menu, alongside Singaporean and Hong Kongese favourites. Treat yourself to exceptional service and signature cocktails.


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The main speciality of this restaurant is sushi, so there is a whole variety of rolls and sashimi from which to choose. You can also find all the popular soups like ramen, as well as tempura dishes. For lunchtime, there are special offers on bento boxes. Subzero is a great place to start the night and then continue exploring what Rubinshteyna Street has to offer.

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A very relaxed Japanese eatery where simplicity of the décor is enhanced by delectable meals. The idea behind Nakatika was to create a cosy atmosphere and to serve food that Japanese people would eat in their homes. There is also a menu with sushi and sashimi for those looking for something more classic.

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Go to Health and Suki Sushi

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An eclectic mix of two restaurants inside one building, if you’re looking for Japanese cuisine then you should be headed to Suki Sushi. Here, the menu is rather Japan-inspired than authentically Japanese. There is no meat on the menu apart from fish. The sushi dishes come in well-known forms like Philadelphia or California rolls, but there are also some innovative sushi rolls with Russian ingredients to try out.


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A small, quiet Japanese restaurant hidden on a small street just off Nevsky Prospekt, there are comfortable armchair tables if you’re in a group, or a central high table perfect if you’re dining alone. The atmosphere is very inviting and a pleasant getaway from the noisy city. In the summer, there is an open terrace where you can enjoy the sun.


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Don’t come here expecting a fancy dinner. The café has white walls and simple furniture. There are only two choices on the menu: takoyaki and okonomiyaki, which are both types of Japanese street food. This place was started by a Japanese anime enthusiast who, after visiting Japan, couldn’t find the snacks he’d had on his trip when he was back in St Petersburg. Thus came the idea to start his own street food stall, serving these two authentic Japanese dishes.

Bao Mochi

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The menu at Bao Mochi is equally split among its two specialities: Chinese bao and Japanese mochi. The former is a steamed bun with various fillings, and the latter a glutinous rice cake. There are other dishes on the menu, mainly all-time favourites drawn from various Asian cuisines. The café, decorated in gentle pastel colours, presents a welcoming space in which to try out some new dishes, difficult to find elsewhere in St Petersburg.