The Best Halal Restaurants in Rostov-On-Don

Restaurant "Ivan Asen", Veliko Tarnovo
Restaurant "Ivan Asen", Veliko Tarnovo | © moerschy/Pixabay
Photo of Marta Wiejak
10 May 2018

It might come as a surprise, but Russia has quite a significant native Muslim population. In some regions, mostly in the south of the country, it is the dominant religion. Even the historically Orthodox areas are home to a significant Muslim minority. This is why Russian or Central Asian halal restaurants are not hard to find all over the country. If you find yourself in Rostov-On-Don and feel like a delicious halal treat, here are the best places for you to go.

Cafe Dolina

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Cafe Dolina is a cute little place in the heart of Rostov-On-Don. It serves a refreshingly eclectic menu: you’ll find traditional Russian pelmeni, kebabs, of all kinds and other classics of Turkish and Dagestan cuisines. The selection of teas they offer is truly impressive. ‘Dolina’ means ‘a valley’ in Russian, and the restaurant’s interior lives up to its name: it’s green and cosy. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Cafe Dubay

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Cafe Dubay is a kebab café conveniently located by one of Rostov’s biggest avenues, right in front of Don State Technical University. It’s open 24 hours a day, so it’s a great place to satisfy your late-night fast food cravings. It’s one of the favourites of the local Muslim community and the students of the nearby university. If you need to pull an all-nighter for whatever reason, Cafe Dubay has you covered.

Lebanon House

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Lebanon House is a chain of fast food halal restaurants present in many shopping centres all across Russia. It’s a place worth a separate trip even if there’s nothing you need from the mall. They offer a wide selection of Middle Eastern dishes, as well as halal versions of some iconic Russian dishes. It’s a splendid place for both lunch and dinner.

Dushevnaya Halyal

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Dushevnaya Halyal is a chain of kebab shops scattered throughout the city. They can be found on almost every corner in the centre. They serve a selection of fast-food kebab classics, and they’re open 24 hours per day. With Dushevnaya around, there’s a halal snack waiting for you everywhere you go in Rostov-On-Don.