The Best Fast Food Places in St Petersburg

A serving of fries | © Cairomoon/Pixabay
A serving of fries | © Cairomoon/Pixabay | © Cairomoon / Pixabay
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16 May 2018

Looking for a quick meal doesn’t mean you have to settle for something unhealthy and boring from restaurant chains that you can find anywhere in the world. Change it up a bit, and visit these fast food restaurants that will impress you with their innovative approaches to fast food.


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Pita’s is a great idea for a quick meal that won’t leave you feeling bloated or drowning in grease. Pita’s wraps are made with lots of vegetables and light sauces. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, too. The location is right on Nevsky Prospekt, so no need to go out of your way to find it. Options to eat in or take away are both available.

Hot Dog & Brut

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To add a touch of class to your fast food meal, head to Hot Dog & Brut and have a glass of Champagne with your hot dog. That’s right, a glass of bubbly, which will instantly turn your quick meal into an occasion. Of course, drinking is optional – just grabbing a hot dog is still a good idea. Don’t expect the typical ketchup and mustard on top – here, the sauces and toppings are creative and fun.

City Soup

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Russians love their soup. Every self-respecting Russian grandmother believes that soups have healing powers and need to be consumed daily. Cultural beliefs aside, soup is a great, filling meal that is easy to have in a takeaway cup, just like coffee. City Soup supplies the city with just that. Healthy nutritious soups are sold to take away in colourful cardboard cups. A great way to warm up in winter and to fuel up on a busy day.

Fan of Donuts

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Despite the simplicity of the idea, there aren’t many doughnut shops in St Petersburg. Fan of Donuts has brought their doughnut recipe straight from America and strives to preserve the authenticity of flavours. There are about 15 different types of doughnuts, a mix of classic flavours and some interesting toppings, all perfect for a quick and sweet snack.

Kartofel c Gribami

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The name translates into English as potatoes with mushrooms, and the bulk of the menu is built around various ways of cooking a potato. All the dishes are very easy and quick, not to mention appealingly priced. The experience here is just like in a Soviet canteen: cheap, but it will feed you well. Also, try out some of the homemade liqueurs if you’re in the mood.


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Marketplace is one of the most popular places in St Petersburg for a quick meal. The café operates like a self-service canteen, with various stands cooking dishes on the spot (usually a selection of up to three) and a buffet where you can pick up ready-made meals. It’s possible to eat in or to pack it all in a container and take it with you. Don’t forget to pay at the cashier, though!

KetchUp Burgers

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When a craving for a burger and fries is on the horizon, no need to rush to the nearest McDonalds, as now there are many places that make unique and tasty burgers to spice up the usual meat and bun. KetchUp Burgers is all about making delicious burgers with crispy sides. Vegetarians are well catered to, and beer lovers can have their pick of the many craft brews on tap.