The Best Caucasian Restaurants in Sochi

Restaurant food |© Pixabay
Restaurant food |© Pixabay | © Free-Photos/Pixabay
Locals in Sochi adore Caucasian, in particular, Georgian cuisine. Its distinctive flavors fill the air around Sochi and Adler as soon as the first warm summer days roll in. You can buy lavash (thin wheat flatbread) in any supermarket in the city. Stews, meat grilled on the coals, piles of fresh herbs and vegetables, soft cheeses, delicious pastry, and sweet red and dry white wines—this is what a traditional Caucasian feast looks like. Tkemali, satsebeli, adjika, and nasharab are all sauces that are highly popular in Russia. Here’s our selection of the best Caucasian restaurants in the city.

Vysota 5642

Restaurant, Russian, Wine, $$$

This contemporary Caucasian restaurant is located in the central area of Sochi and it combines classical Caucasian recipes with modern gastronomical trends. In addition to traditional Georgian and Armenian dishes, you will always find gluten-free khachapuri and khinkali on offer. Their signature course is the Georgian cake. The restaurant is family friendly.
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Hmeli & Suneli

Restaurant, Georgian, Russian, European, Dessert, $$$
Armenian String Cheese
Armenian String Cheese | © Pam Aghababian/Flickr

Hmeli & Suneli restaurant offers you a pleasant combination of Caucasian and European cuisines with Georgian flavors. Prices are above average. Meat and poultry dishes are on offer daily, as are vast choice of salads and entries along with the best Georgian wine and desserts.
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Baran Rapan

Restaurant, Russian

Doors of this warm and friendly Caucasian restaurant are open daily from 12 p.m. Contemporary menu offers you a wide range of typical Caucasian and Georgian dishes. Lamb cooked over hot coals, and stewed or baked steaks are the main ingredients of this cuisine. So there are many options for someone who came to try something special with the best local wine options. We highly recommend you to book in advance for the weekend, it’s very popular among locals and always full.
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