The Best Budget Places to Stay in St Petersburg

© leleblad/Pixabay
© leleblad/Pixabay
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26 September 2017

St Petersburg certainly spoils a visitor for choices. It isn’t challenging to find an affordable and comfortable place to stay; the biggest issue is deciding which one to choose. To help out a baffled traveller, here’s a list of some of the best budget places in the city that combine the best of price, location and facilities.

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LiKi LOFT HOTEL, Sankt-Peterburg
LiKi LOFT HOTEL, Sankt-Peterburg | Courtesy of Liki Loft Hotel

This modern stylish hotel is located in the city centre, although pleasantly away from the main crowded streets of Saint Petersburg. It is especially close to the Smolny Cathedral and a walking distance to Nevsky Avenue. All the rooms in the hotel are lofts right under the roof and are equipped with all the basic necessities. This hotel will be a perfect choice with a traveller on a budget who’s not ready to give up comfort for money. It’s also a fairly quiet area of St Petersburg with plenty restaurants and bars in the area.

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ReMarka, Stolyarnyy Pereulok
ReMarka, Stolyarnyy Pereulok | Courtesy of ReMarka Hotel

A small hotel right next to the stunning Kazan Cathedral and a short walking distance away from Nevsky Avenue. The location is perfect to visit most sightseeing locations within the city. The hotel itself has a rustic feel to it. The rooms are modestly decorated with bare brick walls and metal bed frames. Despite the lack of extravagance, ReMarka has a feel of pleasant simplicity about it.

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Greenwich, Kovenskiy Pereulok
Greenwich, Kovenskiy Pereulok | Courtesy of Greenwich Yard

The Greenwich Yard provides simple but elegant accommodation. The location is perfect for those who’d prefer to avoid the crowded touristy streets. It’s within walking distance of the Tauride Gardens, a green space very popular among locals. The rooms attempt to imitate the style of 19th century St Petersburg apartments with all the modern commodities.

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Graffiti L hostel, Sankt-Peterburg
Graffiti L hostel, Sankt-Peterburg | Courtesy of Graffiti L Hostel

If comfort and privacy are not of utmost priority, staying in a playful hostel can be a great option for saving up during the trip. The rooms are simple with either dorm bunks or a private room with a shared bathroom. The design is in simple bright colours, bringing a cheerful tone throughout the hostel. For those keen to cook, there is a basic kitchen with a dining room to chat with fellow travellers.

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Ariya Na Rimskogo-Korsakova, Sankt-Peterburg
Ariya Na Rimskogo-Korsakova, Sankt-Peterburg | Courtesy of Ariya on Rimskogo-Korsakova

At first it may seem that all the furniture and the colours of the hotel were picked at random, but all in all the whole interior maintains an eclectic beauty. The rooms with a small kitchenette have an apartment feel to them. As far as hotels go, this would be the opportunity to get a taste of what living in a local home would be like. So be a guest at home, all the while not breaking the bank.

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    inBox Capsule Hotel, Sankt-Peterburg
    inBox Capsule Hotel, Sankt-Peterburg | Courtesy of inBox Capsule Hotel

    Who said capsule hotels only exists in Japan. This budget accommodation option is gaining popularity all over the world, and Russia is no exception. A capsule hotel is perfect for those literally planning to only take short sleeps in between exploring the city. The central location of the hotel makes that quite possible. All other amenities are available on request, although the whole interior is fairly minimalist.

    Budget Hotel, Hotel
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    Prestige Hotel, Sankt-Peterburg
    Prestige Hotel, Sankt-Peterburg | Courtesy of Prestige Hotel

    Few travellers stay on the Vasilyevsky Island, due to its lack of tourism attractions and slightly less central location. At the same time this is the centre of St Petersburg. When construction of the city began in 1703, this island was the first to be planned. According to Peter the Great’s idea, all the streets run parallel to each other, a phenomenon not followed through in other parts of the city. For the traveller wanting to step off the beaten track, this hotel could be a budget-friendly choice.

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    Friends, 106 Санкт-Петебург
    Friends, 106 Санкт-Петебург | Courtesy of Friends Hotel

    A simple but pleasant hostel located in a historic building right in the heart of St Petersburg, this location is recommended for all. Given its centrality, but especially for those arriving from or leaving to Moscow by train, the station is a five-minute walk from the hostel. The rooms are themed to various capital cities around the world: London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague etc. All friends welcome!

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