The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in the Moskovsky District, St Petersburg

Moskovsky Prospekt | © alexyv/Flickr
Moskovsky Prospekt | © alexyv/Flickr | alexyv
Photo of Anastasiia Ilina
16 April 2018

The Moskovsky district has had a complete makeover in recent years. It has been steadily transforming from a residential area to a fashionable neighbourhood full of businesses that have set up shop. A strategic location on the way to the airport, as well as towards the former Imperial residences, the Moskovsky district is a good place to stay while touring St Petersburg. Here are some places to start the day, be it a quick breakfast or a lazy brunch.

Bona Capona

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Bona Capona specialises in Italian food, but in the mornings, it makes an exception and provides breakfast for all tastes. There is the option to start the day healthy with a smoothie, or to have a filling breakfast that will last you a while. Pastries and sweets are also available to satisfy any morning sugar cravings. Top off your meal with a coffee or fresh juice, and breakfast is served.

Pryanosti & Radosti

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$
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Pryanosti & Radosti is open 24 hours a day | © Ginza Project

A 24-hour restaurant is bound to have breakfast covered and Pryanosti & Radosti is no exception. It serves traditional breakfast dishes with an exciting twist. Choose from an assortment of eggs or porridge with nuts and fruits. If you are looking for something a little more sugar-loaded, there are breakfast puddings and pies available to satisfy that craving.


Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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With a wide selection of breakfast choices, Italy is a great place to have breakfast with friends or family. A kid’s room will keep the young ones busy, while parents enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee on comfortable sofas. Don’t expect a quiet romantic spot, this is an opportunity to embrace the hustle and bustle of a big Italian home.


Bar, Cafe, Pastries, $$$
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You'll find numerous types of coffee behind the counter here | © GURmE

If for you the most important part of breakfast is the coffee, GURmE is where you want to be. The breakfast menu is simple and easy, but the coffee is incredible. There are 11 types of coffees to choose from, all hailing from leading coffee-producing countries. Just like any respectable bakery, GURmE has a wide selection of pastries and desserts for a sugary boost in the morning.

Chaykhana Chabrets

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, $$$
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This great restaurant is stylised as a traditional tea house | © Che Group

Chaykhana is a name given to traditional teahouses found in Central Asia. Despite the name, tea and sweets are not the only items on the menu in this modern interpretation of a chaykhana. The menu is made up of Uzbek dishes, with some Georgian and European favourites mixed in. The breakfast is fairly simple; there are few surprises and all the staples are listed. But meals at Chaykhana are enjoyed within its creative interior, while relaxing on spacious sofas.