The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Sochi

Blackberry Pancake  Brunch | © ugglemamma/ Pixabay
Blackberry Pancake Brunch | © ugglemamma/ Pixabay
Photo of Yulia S.
Contributor / Journalist8 September 2017

There are many good reasons why breakfast/brunch is one of the most important rituals of the day, especially if you’re on vacation. For many people, it’s the meal that will boost their energy first thing in the morning; for others, it’s that part of the day that allows them to relax and enjoy morning gourmet classics. For those in Sochi, those comforting dishes might include Russian porridge with cereals, local pancakes with caviar and yoghurt or eggs with a salmon sandwich. Here is a selection of venues to eat breakfast or brunch in Sochi.

Wood Coffee

Coffee Shop, Russian
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Wood Coffee has plenty of morning-time treats on its menu, including traditional Russian breakfast with pancakes, an array of coffee beverages and many other plates for a perfect morning ritual. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a breakfast menu served all day, every day. They offer brunch on the weekends.

Moi Coffee

Cafe, Russian, $$$
Moi Coffee offers some of the most amazing breakfast and brunch creations in the central Sochi area. If you’re looking for sweet Russian porridge and pancakes (“blini” in Russian), order the traditional breakfast right upon arrival. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic scrambled eggs plate. They also have breakfast sandwiches with typical Russian snacks. You will leave this place feeling completely satisfied.

Vostochny Kvartal / Восточный Квартал

Restaurant, Asian, Middle Eastern, $$$
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There’s a new menu each season at this traditional Caucasian venue, but you’ll never go wrong with an order of the Russian/Caucasian breakfast with porridge, eggs, pancakes or a yoghurt served with local fruit – it’s delicious. Its interior is another reason to visit; rather than a typical Russian design, it’s distinctly Caucasian. The restaurant also offers entertainment, with live music and dancing.


Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Settle into the Mediterranean-influenced breakfast menu at Promenad, a favourite Sochi neighbourhood venue. Their breakfast with pancakes and yoghurt is an absolute winner; typical local porridge and croissants, along with egg dishes with salmon and bacon, are also good options. The restaurant offers breakfast Monday through Friday only and just from 10 am to 12 pm.

Bulki na More

Cafe, Pastries, $$$

This little bakery, which opens at 8 am, creates exquisite pastries and the best coffee to start your day. They use fresh local produce to create outstanding gourmet dishes that are known for their size and flavour, as well milkshakes, homemade yoghurt with different toppings, local honey and peanut butter. The best time to visit this place is for breakfast or a coffee break. However, the menu has many delicious options and is very typical for this Russian region.