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Courtesy of Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb
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The Best Airbnbs in Samara, Russia

Picture of Zita Whalley
Updated: 5 February 2018
Sometimes there is nothing better than making yourself at home while travelling. And sometimes hostels and hotels just aren’t homely enough. So if you’re heading to Samara for Russia 2018, particularly if you are travelling as a group, have a look at these Airbnbs.

City break

Just 15 minutes from the train station, this comfortable home offers an easy stay in the city. The one room flat can sleep up to four people and is full of natural light. It is also close to restaurants and the markets, which makes this welcoming pad – having everything you need to make yourself at home – a great base from which to explore the city.

Samara Airbnb1
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Stylish loft

A cosy two-room apartment close to the centre, the host has styled it well – exposed brick and minimal clutter make this a really stylish loft-style stay. Not too far away from the Russia 2018 Fan Fest Zone, it’s an ideal location if you plan to watch the games in Kuybyshev Square. The apartment is in a secure block, complete with concierge, and is also close to the Botanical Gardens.

Samara Airbnb2
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Beachside pad

This large, newly renovated apartment can host up to seven people, making it ideal for a group booking. It’s also ideal for people who want to make the most of the beach along the banks of the Volga River. The beach is so close that you can see it through the window, or gaze across it from the balcony. Kuybyshev Square is also nearby, and it is a short walk to metro stations and bus stops.

Samra Airbnb3
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Green house

Smack in the centre of it all, the Fan Fest Zone is within easy access and so is the beach. Whatever renovations have been made in the past, the host has done his best to make sure he used sustainable materials, so not only is this apartment stylish, it’s good for the planet as well. It is also close to Samara’s cafés, bars and restaurants.

Samara Airbnb 4
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Party town

A large house that can sleep up to ten. It has a banya and a ping pong table, and is well equipped for large groups. It’s also central, so everything that you want in Samara is close by: the beach, Russia 2018 Fan Fest Zone, museums and galleries. Its proximity to everything and its size make it ideal for a bunch of friends looking to get the most out of Samara during their stay.

Samara Airbnb5
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Bright and cheerful

This sunny, bright apartment, which is right near the embankment, has a lovely summertime beach feel to it. Also a good one for groups, it can accommodate up to seven people and is good for guests with children. It is so close to the beach that you can see it from the flat. The building is modern and also has a 24/7 supermarket in it. It has two bathrooms and all the things you need to make yourself at home.

Samara Airbnb6
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Light and airy

Another central apartment, it is split over two levels and can accommodate up to five people. The spacious home is warm, inviting and bright, and all the rooms are fairly private. While still central, it is a little further from the Fan Fest Zone than other Airbnbs. This makes it ideal for those looking to get caught up in the fervour of Russia 2018 but still get a decent night’s sleep.

Samara Airbnb7
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