The Best 24-Hour Restaurants in St Petersburg

© Meditations / Pixabay
Photo of Olga Glioza
20 June 2018

In the city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know where the 24-hour dining spots are. These restaurants are always ready to feed the hungry party goers and restless city explorers. We’ve selected seven of the best restaurants for 24/7 wine and dine experiences.

Khochu Kharcho

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$
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The Second Floor of Khochu Kharcho | © Ginza Project

This Georgian cuisine restaurant is opening the list as the kitchen that is always functioning. Any time of day and night, it serves its iconic harcho soup, which is healthy, but also has enough calories to keep the hunger away for the whole night. Also, its delivery service works around the clock, so you can enjoy tasty dishes from the comfort of your apartment or hotel room.

Du Nord 1834

Restaurant, Russian, European, $$$
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Du Nord 1834 is another French restaurant located right in the heart of the city. Du Nord offers all the gems of French cuisine, highlighting its soup ‘Crème au lait Dubbarri’, which is very popular among guests. Visitors enjoy great wines, while early birds get breakfast starting at 5 am, which is pretty early. The Moscow railway station is just around the corner, so keep this venue in mind if you arrive early and need to wait for your train to the capital.

Arka Bar and Grill

Bar, Restaurant, European, Russian, $$$
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Out of this list, this is the only venue that closes, although, just for three hours per day, so we thought it would be fair to include it. Arca is a truly amazing dining, shisha and cocktail experience, as it also brings DJs and parties to the table. It can be a starting point for bar-hopping or a place where you spend the night – the choice is yours.


Bar, Russian, European, $$$
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The name of the place hints on ‘pirogi’ – the traditional Russian pastry that comes with a variety of fillings, from sweet jam to savory meat. For sure, pirogi are the bestsellers at this restaurant. Apart from pirogi, this place offers great pastas, soups and meat dishes. This is a great choice for a pre-party or post-party dinner for a very reasonable price.

Café Brynza

Restaurant, Russian, $$$
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This venue on Nevsky prospect is a great walk-in choice for something simple, quick and on a budget. Cesar salad costs around $3.50 USD (£2.60) and also there is a nice choice of easy-to-grab foods like Russian chebureki, which costs around $1.80 USD (£1.30) each. Café Brynza is an ideal place for a pit stop on the bar hopping route to refresh the energy for a long party night.