The 8 Best Restaurants on Krestovsky Island

Gulf of Finland | © Sergei Gussev / Flickr
Gulf of Finland | © Sergei Gussev / Flickr
Photo of Anastasiia Ilina
13 September 2017

Krestovsky Island is among the most picturesque places in St Petersburg; it is pleasantly isolated, making it a perfect place to find refuge from the bustling city. Many restaurants in the neighbourhood have a waterside location and quite often specialise in fish dishes. Overall, Krestovsky is an ideal place to enjoy any occasion, and below are some of the best places in which to do so.

Na Rechke

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Atmosphere of a countryside home at Na Rechke | © Ginza Project | © Ginza Project

Literally translated as ‘on the river’, Na Rechke, indeed, lies on the bank of the River Krestovka. The interior has been specifically designed to recreate the atmosphere of a country house, with comfortable soft chairs and a terrace with a view opening out onto the river. The pastel colours and flowery ornaments will lift up the summer mood. The menu is extensive and varied, with a mixture of cuisines presented, especially Georgian, Russian and Japanese.

Russian Fishing

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A great way to enjoy your meal is to participate in the making of it. Russian Fishing offers their visitors a chance to catch their fish before they eat it, combining a popular leisure sport and delicious food. A fishing enthusiast can borrow fishing equipment and catch their dinner in the nearby pond. The restaurant sits on a riverbank, with a lot of outdoor space and even a little zoo, making it an excellent place to visit with kids.

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This next place is definitely not a location that would typically be associated with St Petersburg. Parusa, which translates into sails, is where visitors will find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city at the doorstep of the yacht club on Krestovsky Island. The restaurant serves more than food; there is also a karaoke bar, perfect for a fun night out with a large group of friends. The menu is fairly extensive with a selection of cuisines from all over the world. The restaurant also makes their own smoked fish.

Il Lago dei Cigni

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© Il Lago dei Cigni

Chef Vincenzo Verdosha, who in the course of his career has worked in some of the best restaurants in Europe, including those with a Michelin star, creates the delicious, classic Italian dishes at Il Lago Dei Cigni. The restaurant sits on the bank of the Swan Lake on Krestovsky Island. Visitors are welcome all year round, although visiting in the summer makes for a more picturesque experience on the terrace.

Royal Beach

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Royal Beach, which lies right on the Gulf of Finland, is quite large, often hosting banquets, but it is also good for smaller groups. When the weather is pleasant, it is possible to enjoy a stroll along the beach, watching the sailboats as they pass by. In the winter, the best way to admire the outside view is with a hot beverage in hand, sitting by the fireplace and looking out of the big glass windows.

La Marseillaise

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Take a very cosy family escape to the South of France via La Marseillaise. The owners of the restaurant pride themselves on obtaining the freshest ingredients available locally. Alongside having a private meal of your choice, it is possible to join one of the themed dinner events that happen throughout the year, such as special wine tastings, a specialised dinner cuisine or a romantic night with live music.

Karl and Friedrich

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The brewhouse | © Karl and Friedrich | © Karl and Friedrich

One of the few restaurant brewhouses in St Petersburg, Karl and Friedrich has a long-standing reputation for excellent beer and a party atmosphere. The brewhouse takes its name from two Germans, Karl and Friedrich, who upon completing brewing school in Munich started a German brewery in the newly founded Russian capital of St Petersburg. The restaurant, naturally, has its own brews, a beer garden and a selection of meats and sausages for snacks.