Where To Drink Coffee In St Petersburg, Russia

Where To Drink Coffee In St Petersburg, Russia
Culture, architecture, and a fantastic food scene attract flocks of tourists to this Russian city each year. Enjoy the best of what St.Petersburg has to offer, sitting in one of our favorite cafe spots, soaking up the atmosphere, and taking in the magnificent architecture all around. Here is our list of the best places to relax and refuel when in St Petersburg.
Cafe Singer
Cafe, Russian, French$$
The Singer House on Nevsky Prospect

The Singer House on Nevsky Prospect | © Andrey Korzun/WikiCommons

Located on the second floor of this stunning example of art nouveau architecture, Cafe Singer‘s seasonal menu offers a fusion of European and Russian cuisine. The building itself is a Petersburg landmark and the delicious sweet treats here are a perfect accompaniment to the coffee. You’ll find all kinds of options ranging from Viennese pastries, to tempting French desserts, handmade chocolates and Russian blini (pancakes). The old refined style of the interior gives the cafe great charm and elegance, and the huge windows offer unparalleled views of the city.

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Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Bakery, Russian, European, $$$
The City Duma Tower on Nevsky Prospect

The City Duma Tower on Nevsky Prospect | © Pavlikhin/WikiCommons

This fascinating cafe is situated in the heart of St. Petersburg’s historic center. Not simply a coffee house, the multiple floors of Biblioteka (library) are also home to a restaurant, bakery, flower shop, trendy bar, and book store. The cozy cafes, small shops, and flower beds, are designed to give Biblioteka the feel of a buzzing European city street. This fashionable space has enough to keep visitors entertained (there are live music performances), and well-fed, all day long. The food is a delicious mix of hearty breakfasts, healthy sandwiches at lunch time, pastries and cakes with gourmet handmade burgers and dinner-time meals.
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Books And Coffee - Art Club
Cafe, Russian, Coffee, $$$
A book lover's paradise

A book lover's paradise | © cometstarmoon/WikiCommons

Books And Coffee – Art Club

Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books, visitors to Books and Coffee cannot help but get caught up in the culture of the place. Beloved by those lucky few in the know, this coffee shop is one of Petersburg’s best kept secrets. Opened by famous Russian writer Aleksandr Zhitnitsky, Books and Coffee offers visitors the chance to sit quietly and read, peruse the fantastic art in its exhibitions, attend concerts, enjoy cinema screenings, and meet with local artists. A wide range of coffee-based cocktails are available, as well as various literary-themed ice creams such as the Proust and Kafka sundaes.

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Cafe, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, $$$

A healthy breakfast at Ukrop Cafe | © Ukrop Cafe

For those looking for a light bite with their coffee, Ukrop serves up some of the best vegetarian food in the whole of St Petersburg. Situated, just off Nevsky Prospekt on a quiet pedestrian street, this cafe offers a perfectly tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A charming atmosphere is created by the beautifully wooden interior, and fun, colorful furnishings. The food provides a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds as the chefs at Ukrop ensure consistently exquisite presentation. Enjoy a fragrant and full-bodied coffee with one of Ukrop’s fresh and wholesome main meals or luscious desserts.

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Mon - Sun:
9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Meal service:

All Day


Cosy, Quiet, Quirky

City Coffee
Cafe, Coffee$$
A creamy latte

A creamy latte | © duncan c/Flickr

A haven for lovers of gourmet coffee, City Coffee is definitely worth discovering. Roman Cantola, the extraordinarily talented barista who founded this cafe, strives to bring both innovative flavors and only the best quality to each cup. Luckily for those who become hooked on the aromatic and piquant flavors, City Coffee also sells their coffee beans for customers to enjoy at home. Every cup is designed to suit each individual customer’s preferences; simply explain your ideal cup of coffee and let the baristas work their magic. The drinks are made even better by a slice of warm apple pie.

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Small Double
Cafe, American, $$$$
Delicious Cake

Delicious Cake | Courtesy of Small Double

This coffee shop has a truly personal and welcoming feel. Make yourself at home and curl up on a window sill, or in one of the giant, cushy armchairs, with a book and a cup of perfectly brewed coffee for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon in Petersburg. Boasting a fantastic range of frothy cappuccinos, and zingy espressos, the menu also includes tasty treats such as chocolate cake with cream. In the summer, enjoy Small Double‘s refreshing iced coffee.

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Cafe, Russian$$$
Pishki's famous doughnuts and coffee

Pishki's famous doughnuts and coffee | Courtesy of Marianna Hunt

This famous Soviet-era cafe serves only doughnuts and coffee, but the quality of both of these has made this venue a Petersburg landmark. For budget prices, visitors can enjoy traditional Russian donuts, or pishki, as they’re called: doused in sugar and fried to perfection. Petersburg locals often come here at breakfast time.

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Zoom Cafe
Cafe, Japanese, $$$

Chess and board games are available to entertain visitors as they while away the hours enjoying coffees in this charming cafe. The hanging gardens, flower pots, and leafy canopy make Zoom a mini oasis of calm in the city. Sit outside and enjoy your coffee in the sunshine during Petersburg’s balmy summer. For those fancying a little something to eat too, the diverse menu offers delicious dishes from all corners of the globe. Crunchy bruschettas, nourishing soups, and exotic spiced Japanese chicken, all provide tempting options and are good value for money.

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