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Russian club | © Peter PZ / Flickr
Russian club | © Peter PZ / Flickr

The 7 Best Nightclubs for a Unique Night out in Moscow

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Updated: 29 September 2017

True to the club song, Moscow never sleeps. If there is anything true about Russians, it’s that they love to party. In a city of over 10 million people, there are more clubs and bars than we could ever include in one list. Below you will find the top seven best nightclubs in Moscow for a unique night. You can thank us later.

Gogol Club

Named after the Russian writer, Gogol is one of Moscow’s oldest clubs. Hidden in the central alleys of the city, there are two cozy halls and a summer terrace. As a tribute to Soviet history, there is a ‘self-service hall’ made in the style of a Soviet buffet. Here, Muscovites like to enjoy cheap beers and table games. When it’s warm, you can have a great time out on the summer terrace, which is designed like a street café and isolated from the city bustle. At Gogol, you can not only sit and pound down drinks, but you can also dance to classic Russian techno tunes.

Night Flight

Night Flight is a world-renowned club for people who live for the twilight hours. A Moscow landmark with strict face control, getting into Night Flight is the first challenge – affording it is the next. As Moscow’s oldest club and restaurant for international businessmen, wealthy tourists and the occasional Russian oligarch, be prepared to drop a pretty penny here. If you can afford it, however, it’s a must on any clubgoer’s list. Located on Moscow’s main Tverskaya Street and a short walk from Red Square, this club-restaurant is at the centre of the city’s nightlife.

17 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia, +7 495 629 4165

Вот оно мое любимое место работы… Здесь мне было всегда хорошо… Сегодня утром я зашла в ресторан и накрыла ностальгия… Night Flight… утром он абсолютно другой… тишина, уют, спокойствие… Здесь всегда была, есть и будет взаимовыручка… Здесь работают самые лучшие люди… Я ушла 5 лет назад, но я осталась частью этого места… Оглянувшись назад я понимаю, что все грустные, сложные , радостные этапы своей жизни я была здесь , до сих пор я бегу сюда… За поддержкой, за улыбкой, за советом… Мне кажется даже когда мне исполнится 35, я приду сюда и услышу радостное :"о маленькая пришла"..

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In the spring of 2008, London opened its doors in Moscow – since then, their parties have ranked among Moscow’s wildest. As the name suggests, London is Russia’s take on the atmosphere of English clubs, boasting of “democratic character and excellent musical selections.” Whatever that means, London certainly has a unique atmosphere. You even get a free drink if you’re English and show your passport.

14 Prospect Vernadskovo, Moscow, Russia,  +7 495 749 4959


Icon is one of the most ambitious and successful capital club projects in Moscow, specializing in hosting premium parties with the latest musical trends in Russia. Each week there are parties with famous DJs, Russian and foreign stars, as well as creative thematic events.With a capacity of more than 2,000 people, you’re sure to bump into someone interesting here.

9 Bolotnaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia, +7 495 364 01 01

Forte Music Club

Opened in 1996, Forte Music Club is one of Moscow’s oldest music clubs where you can experience the diversity of Russia’s passion for music. The club focuses on bringing the country’s top ensembles to play jazz, blues, funk and more at the visually stunning venue. This is a perfect place to bring a date for a romantic evening, or just to grab a drink and see some great music before you go out on the town.

18 Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Moscow, Russia, +7 495 694 08 81

Krysha Mira

On Fridays and Saturdays, revelers from across the globe pack into Krysha Mira ( ‘roof of the world’ in Russian) to drink and dance late into the night – in the afternoons and evenings though, it’s a restaurant where you can grab some tasty Russian cuisine. On Tuesdays, there are friendly ping-pong tournaments, while on Wednesdays there are gourmet dinners on offer. Krysha Mira also offers regular neon yoga classes, mixing modern electronic music, club fashion and regular yoga. Basically, everything that happens at Krysha Mira reflects is worth checking out.

12 Kutuzovsky Ave, Moscow, Russia, +7 901 519 56 92

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Propaganda is a classic Moscow bar right in the center of the city. While there’s a good selection of salads and main courses, people come to Propaganda for its Dionysian drinking atmosphere. The club regularly hosts live music with good local bands and visitors come from across the city to booze to the soundtrack of the club’s wild weekend nights. For the location, prices are very reasonable – poor service sometimes plagues this club, but that shouldn’t stop you from a visit to this iconic spot.

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