The 7 Best Nightclubs for a Unique Night out in Moscow

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Photo of Olga Glioza
2 July 2018

True to the famous song, Moscow never sleeps. If there is one thing that is true about Russians, it’s that they love to party. In a city of over 10 million people, there are more clubs and bars than anyone could ever summarise in one list – here instead is our curated list of the top spots in Moscow for an epic night out.

Night Flight

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Night Flight is a world-renowned club for people who live for the twilight hours. A Moscow landmark with a strict entrance policy, getting into Night Flight is the first challenge – affording it is the next. As Moscow’s oldest club and restaurant for international businessmen, wealthy tourists and the occasional Russian oligarch, be prepared to drop a pretty penny here. If you can afford it, however, it’s a must on any club-goer’s list. Located on Moscow’s main Tverskaya Street and a short walk from Red Square, this club-restaurant is at the centre of the city’s nightlife.

Krysha Mira

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On Thursdays and Saturdays, revelers from across the globe pack into Krysha Mira (‘roof of the world’ in Russian) to drink and dance late into the night. In the afternoons and evenings though, it’s a restaurant where you can grab some tasty Russian cuisine. On Tuesdays, there are friendly ping-pong tournaments, while on Wednesdays there are gourmet dinners on offer. Krysha Mira also offers regular neon yoga classes, mixing modern electronic music, club fashion and regular yoga. Basically, whatever you’re into, Krysha Mira is a Moscow hotspot definitely worth checking out.


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A legendary club, bar, and restaurant, Propaganda has been around for 20 years and still draws crowds even on weekdays. This catch-all spot offers delicious steaks and sandwiches during the day and cocktails and dancing at night. On Sundays, it hosts the most popular LGBTQ+ parties in town.

16 Tons

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A concert hall and English pub in the center of Moscow, 16 Tons are famous for their music program, mixing Russian and foreign artists. The name of the club takes inspiration from the Marle Travis song ‘Sixteen Tons’, which was written back in 1946, but became popular only in 1955 after Tennesee Ernie Ford sang it. Since its inception, 16 Tons has had its own functioning brewery, and their famous signature beer ’16 tons’ can be bought at the club.

Pravda Club

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Located in a 1930s building that used to be a printing factory, this is now one of Moscow’s most fashionable clubbing venues. Pravda consists of two spaces: a larger hall with three bars and a capacity of 800 people, and a smaller hall, designed for private and afterparty events. During the week, Pravda functions as a restaurant-bar, so you can go there for a dinner or long drink, while on Friday and Saturday it turns into a real club with live concerts and rave parties.

Lookin Rooms

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The unique, unusual design of Lookin Rooms is the creation of Yulia Schors, the controversial Russian designer. This two-storey building can host 800 party-goers, and its design is reminiscent of New York’s trendiest clubs, adding to its exciting, big city vibe. The space includes a dance floor, balconies and lounge. On the weekdays, it is open from 11am till 12am and functions as a restaurant and bar, while on Fridays and Saturdays the party goes on from 11pm till 6am with some of the best house music DJs.


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Apart from the huge dance floor inside the club, Gipsy Bar also has an immense outdoor terrace covered with artificial grass, ready to receive over 300 guests. The music choices are very eclectic – DJs mix international hits with the best of electro, house and some local pop music. From Thursday to Sunday, this is the place to be for all party-goers in Moscow. The restaurant menu is international, with some excellent Indian dishes on offer, and the selection of signature cocktails is pretty impressive: they have almost every type of alcohol you can imagine.

Evan Haddad also contributed to this piece.