The 7 Best Bookshops in Moscow

Books | © Syd Wachs / Unsplash
Books | © Syd Wachs / Unsplash
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28 November 2017

Russia is one of the very few countries where writers become full-fledged celebrities, and street performers recite poetry on a regular basis. Russians love literature; indeed, it is still their favourite pastime on long commutes in town or across the country. And the demand drives the supply – the entire country is densely sprinkled with bookshops.

Moscow has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to its bookshop scene. The bookshops are more than shops – they are little community centres where people gather for lectures and discussions. Even if you don’t speak Russian yet, the booksellers of Moscow will have something to offer you, from literature in English to meetings with international authors. Here are the top seven bookstores in Moscow that you need to see.


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Biblio-Globus is a huge bookshop within walking distance from the Red Square. At times, it seems to be more of a labyrinth than a bookstore. You’ll find yourself diving between the shelves, surrounded by a surreal crowd, and at some point, you’ll probably forget where you came in and how to get out. All you will know is that there are books everywhere. Biblio-Globus also carries a very decent range of stationery and a good selection of literature in English. It also happens to sit on Myasnitskaya, one of the cutest streets in the whole of Moscow. Get yourself a book and walk away!

Moscow House of Books

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Moscow House of Books (or Moskovskyi Dom Knigi) is one of the biggest and most important bookshops in the city. It carries fiction and popular literature, non-fiction, textbooks, second-hand treasures and much more. Lectures and special events take place here on a regular basis. The bookstore lies in New Arbat, one of the main arteries of central Moscow. If you’re a book lover in the city, this place should be on your bucket list.

Molodaya Gvardya

The publishing house of the same name opened Molodaya Gvardya in 1974. It is particularly well known for its excellent selection of textbooks and its section on early childhood development. It carries more than 80,000 titles though, so just about any book aficionado will find something here. The bookshop sits in Zamoskvoreche, one of the more scenic parts of Moscow, so it makes for a perfect pit stop on a beautiful winter walk.

Molodaya Gvardya, Bolshaya Polyanka 28, Moscow, Russia, +7 499 238-38-38

Bookshop Moscow

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Bookshop Moscow is a legendary store on Tverskaya, the main artery of central Moscow. It is by far the locals’ favourite bookshop. Backpackers with all of their gear on them should not try to kill time here though, as the number of titles they offer is reversely proportional to the amount of space between the shelves. Moscow carries a very decent selection of titles in English, as well as beautiful postcards. It is a must-see for any book lover in the city.


Chitai-Gorod is a chain of bookshops spread around the entire city. It offers a decent selection of titles (some of them in English) and an excellent choice of stationery. A Chitai-Gorod is a good place to acquire reading material before catching your flight – that way you can avoid airport prices.

Russkaya Derevnya

While Russkaya Derevnya is a small, specialised bookshop, it is nonetheless worth visiting. They carry rare titles published in provincial Russia. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir or if you need an academic publication for your Russia-related research, Russkaya Derevnya is where you should go.

Russkaya Derevnya, Glinishchevskiy Pereulok 6, Moscow, Russia, +7 495 650-60-31

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