The 7 Best Bars in Perm, Russia

© Pawel Kadysz/Unsplash
© Pawel Kadysz/Unsplash
Photo of Marta Wiejak
5 December 2017

Perm is the very last city on the European side of the Ural Mountains and one of the stops on the Trans Siberian Railway route. Even though it is often overlooked by travellers, Perm is a very interesting place with plenty to see and do. Once you get there, you will most certainly need places to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. We’ve come to the rescue with a list of 7 of the best bars in Perm, Russia.

Sister's Bar

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Sister’s Bar is a restaurant, bar and art space, all in one. It’s a great place for getting work done, enjoying a spot of lunch or brunch, or indulging in an evening cocktail. It is located in the very heart of Perm, with a splendid view of the city centre to prove it.

Gatsby's bar&grill

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If you’re looking for an elegant cocktail place, Gatsby’s will do nicely. Located on one of the most central streets in Perm, it is a place that is almost always on the way. If you’re lucky, you’ll pop in for one of the many concerts held on a regular basis. Add the pleasing cocktails and lavish atmosphere to the mix, and you’ll be feeling positively spoiled by the end of the evening. This is a wonderful choice for any night of the week.

Craft Beer Shop

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If you’re a beer aficionado, Craft Beer Shop is the best place to try what Perm has brewing. It’s a fairly new spot on Perm’s drinking map. It serves its own production, as well as bottled Russian beers and imported craft beers. Craft Beer Shop is a great place for a drinking tour around the Urals, Russia and the world.


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Kavinsky is another contending elegant cocktail venue in the very city centre. It not only makes impressive cocktails and delicious nibbles, it also organises dance parties and science lectures. Food for the body, mind and soul!

Smoky Dog

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If you’re looking for a familiar pub experience, great food, good beer and relaxed atmosphere, Smoky Dog won’t disappoint. It’s not too fancy, nor too casual; it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon with a pint and a book, or a long evening out with new and old friends.

Old Moose

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If you don’t add Old Moose to your Perm pub crawl itinerary, you’re going to miss out. It’s a cosy, English-style pub with heavy furniture and wooden panels on the walls. It doesn’t serve food, so make sure to fuel up at one of the other stops first. Locals rely on the Old Moose for a pint or two of a wide variety of beers.


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Almost every city in the world has an Irish pub, and Perm is no exception. Sheamus is an Irish pub in the very heart of the city. It has everything you’d expect of an Irish pub: dark furniture, cosy atmosphere, delicious food and a wide selection of beers, including Guinness. Sheamus is a great place to pop by if you’re in need of something familiar, or when you want to experience the Russian version of an Irish pub.