The 5 Best Halal Restaurants in St Petersburg

The 5 Best Halal Restaurants in St Petersburg
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St Petersburg is a cosmopolitan city and a home to representatives of many religions. One of the architectural gems of the Petrogradskaya side of the city is its beautiful mosque. While the many beliefs in the city are recognized by beautiful religious buildings, food is another way that culture is celebrated, especially halal cuisine. Although finding halal restaurants in the city is still a bit of challenge, we’ve selected some of the highlights, where you can try authentic halal dishes.

Halal Café Brat

Restaurant, Halal, $$$

Located in the city center, this café’s menu takes its roots from Chechnya and Ingushetia. This is a small and cozy place with a family-style atmosphere that serves delicious dishes using traditional recipes. It offers business lunches every day from 11 am until 4 pm with a special set menu.

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Café Antalya

Restaurant, Turkish, Halal, $$$

This Turkish café is bringing the best traditional recipes to the table with modern interpretation. They have nice fusion dishes combining Russian and Turkish cuisine. The warm and welcoming atmosphere in conjunction with Asian-inspired design will make you forget you are actually in St Petersburg.

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Café Halol

Cafe, Restaurant, Halal, Middle Eastern, $$$

An Uzbek-based menu and authentic tastes are what you’ll find at this tasty café. It is a small venue that has a separate room for praying. As far as food goes, it offers a great menu with affordable prices. Try the traditional ‘lagman’ (meat, veggie and pasta soup) and ‘samsa’ (savory meat pastry).

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Zolotoi Dvor

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, $$$

This huge restaurant is dedicated to Middle Eastern cuisine, mixed with some of the best European dishes. It is a perfect place to organize special celebrations or events. The venue is really big and the location is impressive, which is great if you are coming with a big group of people.

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