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The Best French Restaurants In Moscow
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The Best French Restaurants In Moscow

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Updated: 9 February 2017
It is a well-known fact that French cuisine is considered to be one of the most exquisite gourmet cuisines in the world. Russia established close connection with France a long time ago, and has been greatly influenced by French language, culture and cuisine. The guide below features our selection of the top, most elegant and sophisticated French restaurants in Moscow.
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Café Michel

French soul is embodied in a perfect combination of the cuisine and interior in Café Michel. The venue is ideal for both romantic outings and business negotiations. The café’s owners managed to combine a unique cosy atmosphere and high quality of service. The interior of Café Michel comprises of a vaulted ceiling, ornate chandeliers, a steep metal ladder, silver wallpaper on the walls and striped armchairs, with most items being bought directly from France. The French chef Jerome Kustiyas and his Russian counterpart, Alexey Zhelnov prepare traditional French cusine. The chefs’ recommendations include fillet Dorado and salad Parisienne. Some of the other tastiest meals are salmon tartar, ratatouille with sea bream, tomato soup with mussels, and prawns with aioli sauce, and the selection of classic refreshing cocktails is identical to European in their quality.

Krasnaya Presnya 13, Moscow, +7 499 252 5044

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Restaurant Provans

Provans is a French restaurant located in the historic center of Moscow. Ideal for a romantic date or for a business meeting, this is a place with a unique atmosphere of luxury. The interior features authentic chairs from the famous casino in Nice, French posters from the 20th century, antiques, unobtrusive instrumental music of the 1960s, and candlelight in the evenings. In the first room of the restaurant you can enjoy a cup of coffee and even read a book from the private library of the owners and in the second indulge on French cuisine. On entering the waiter immediately offers a glass of water, juice or French wine. The most popular dishes are the cream pumpkin soup, duck fillet with cherry sauce, French onion soup, foie gras and fresh and juicy oysters. In Provans you can try a real French homemade lemonade, made from natural ingredients, and scented herbal teas.

1-y Obydenskiy pereulok 9/12, Moscow, +7 495 215 1496

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Restaurant Ecle

Restaurant Ecle is the best choice for a secluded romantic date. The restaurant is decorated in the French architectural style, using soft and pastel colors, vintage mirrors, furniture from mixed materials, a lot of ornate but stylish décor, and unobtrusive interior textiles. The main menu offers an exquisite mix of dishes of French and Italian cuisines, with some specialities including avocado with scallops and lettuce, or Sicilian salmon decorated with capers and anchovies. The wine list is presented with an extensive list of different wines of French and Italian origin, as well as draft beers and a classic cocktail range.

Oktyabr’skaya ulitsa 5, Moscow, +7 495 688 85 73

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Café Mayak

Café-bar Mayak has has a central location and a unique menu, designed by chef Buessi Kunchef, which includes the author’s interpretation of the classic dishes of French and Italian cuisines. This restaurant is always full with people from Moscow’s intellectual and artistic scene, including actors, journalists, writers and architects who frequent Café Mayak on almost a daily basis. It is an unbeatable place for arranging a delicious romantic dinner or a quiet evening in a circle of closest friends. Mayak’s interior is made in a classic French style, and features carved sideboards collected by the owners of the restaurant, elegant wooden furniture, lots of natural light, and original decorative elements. On Friday night, the restaurant will not only serve a delicious meal but involve you in a fun and exciting dance.

ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitinskaya 19/13, Moscow, +7 495 215-14-96

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Restaurant Gavroche

Restaurant Gavroche is run by genuine connoisseurs of fine wines. This wine-oriented restaurant offers a unique glass cellar with more than 130 names. The wine list includes specialities from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Montenegro. The French influence is vivid, and seen not only in the wine selection but also in the menu suggestions which consist of fine appetizers, classic French soups, sandwiches and hot meals, and sweet desserts. The emphasis is put on regional French cuisine from Provence, Southwest France and Burgundy. Gavroche has an exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere, and will undoubtedly appeal to all wine lovers. The speed of the service is fast.

Ulitsa Timura Frunze 11/9, Moscow, +7 499 558 08 38