The 10 Most Adventurous Guided Tours to Take in Russia

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia | © Sergei Kazantsev / WikiCommons
Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia | © Sergei Kazantsev / WikiCommons
Photo of Zita Whalley
4 December 2017

Guided tours in Russia are a great way to experience hard-to-reach destinations – not only do they offer a unique insight into a city or region, they’re also a fantastic way to gain insider knowledge. Discover Russia’s diverse wilderness and dazzling cities with our selection of the most adventurous guided tours.

Visit reindeer herders in the Yamal Peninsula

There are operators working out of the Yamal Peninsula offering tours to see the continuing practice of reindeer herding and the traditions of the Nenents, the region’s indigenous people and one of the best preserved aboriginal cultures in Russia. Observe the age-old customs and practices of these nomadic herders, who care for up to 10,000 reindeer at a time in this otherworldly and isolated land. Yamal Peninsula Travel offer bespoke expeditions, so you can tailor your experience to your exact specifications.

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Journey to the North Pole

Adventure into the globe’s northernmost point by boarding a ship from Murmansk, the largest city above the Arctic Circle, and a top spot to see the electric Aurora. Quark Expeditions offer a 14-day adventure to the North Pole, which includes ploughing the ship through icebergs, stopping off at Franz Josef Land (the glacial archipelago and outpost for the Russian military), and exploring the surreal landscape at the destination. If weather permits it also includes a balloon ride and a quick plunge into the frosty waters from an iceberg.

Snowmobile through the Urals

Ural Mountains | © barbos2514 / Pixabay

Discover Siberian Buryat shamanism

Lake Baikal | © 8Moments / Pixabay | ©8Moments/Pixabay

Have an adventure on Sviyazhsk Island

Sviyazhsk at sunset | © Yasni / Shutterstock | ©Yasni / Shutterstock

Explore Moscow

Moscow | © Mistery08 / Pixabay | © Mistery08 / Pixabay

Fly over St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg | © pooh49star / Pixabay

Unearth Soviet secrets

Horse ride across the Altai Mountains

Saddle up and venture off into the Altai Republic’s pristine wilds, and take in its beauty as you amble along on horseback. Spend your days meandering through some of the steepest mountains and deepest valleys in Russia, and camp under star-spangled skies at night. There are plenty of tours around, Travel Altai offers a 14-day expedition that will take you to the remote beauty of the Ukok Plateau.

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Ride a bike on Lake Baikal

If neither hiking nor off-road biking is enough to get your blood pumping, then try ice biking for a hit of excitement. Camp, hike and ride near, and on, the majestic lake‘s frozen surface to explore its wintery beauty. Discover ice grottoes, sandy inlets, woodlands, steppes and cliff faces as you embark on a truly unique thrill. There are plenty of travel companies that offer biking expeditions – try Baikal Adventure to explore this natural wonder.

Lake Baikal | © Katvic / Shutterstock | © Katvic / Shutterstock