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Where To Eat In St. Petersburg, Russia
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Where To Eat In St. Petersburg, Russia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Beyond its historical and cultural significance, St. Petersburg is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. St. Petersburg’s food scene effortlessly blends the city’s historic past with more modern re-interpretations of classic dishes. In this guide, The Culture Trip takes you to Russia’s cultural center to find some of the best restaurants and cafés around.
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Palkin Restaurant

The first ever restaurant of Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg was located in the building on Nevsky Prospect, where Palkin now resides. Former patrons have included Dostoevsky, Leskov, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Chekhov, Mendeleev, Tchaikovsky and other famous Russians. Modern Palkin is no less luxurious, with its palace style interior, wooden flooring, moldings, shining chandeliers and wall frescoes. Palkin’s kitchen is internationally renowned for its innovative interpretation of food. A visit to the restaurant will equal a meeting with the history of aristocratic Russian cuisine.

Nevsky Prospekt 47, St Petersburg, +7 812 703 53 71

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Abajour Café

Abajour Café is a venue that can easily become your second home. It features a cozy atmosphere, stylish interior, unobtrusive music and attentive staff to present you with the warmest and most memorable experience. Café Abajour has harmoniously blended different cuisines, with the main specialty being an unusually juicy steak made from the marble goby, prepared using a special recipe so that the meat remains extremely succulent and tasty. Lovers of light meals will be delighted with Abajour’s selection of fresh salads and appetizers with unique flavor combinations.

9-aya Liniya V. O. 20, St Petersburg, +7 812 325 2236

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Chekhov Restaurant

An idyllic rural getaway of the late 19th century Russia is represented at Restaurant Chekov. Customers are welcome to enjoy classic Russian fare: kholodets or jelly pork legs, cabbage with apples and cranberries, smoked pork ribs, fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms, fine sturgeon and ruddy pies.

Nevsky Prospekt 47, St Petersburg, +7 812 234 45 11

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Art Café Kommunalka

Art Café Kommunalka is a charming venue that is full of the cozy spirit of St. Petersburg. The menu offers meals of contemporary Russian cuisine with unique names, some of which are dedicated to popular Soviet film titles. Kommunalka often holds themed events and festivals, such as the costume party on Student Day or the First of April celebration. Art Café Kommunalka promotes cultural education, and often features live music performances, such as saxophone or piano performances.

Kronverskiy Prospekt 65, St Petersburg, +7 812 232 7689

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Philibert Café

Philibert has earned the reputation of being a hospitable café, not only because of its friendly service but also because of the interior: panoramic windows, furniture made of light wood, wrought iron framed mirrors, white shelves, and chandeliers refer to classic interiors of French Provence. The menu echoes the Provençal mood of the restaurant. You will find five types of quiche, onion soup, salad Nicoise and frog legs stewed in a citrus sauce.

Kolomenskaya 29, St Petersburg, +7 812 607 4139

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Ukrop Restaurant

The first restaurant in St. Petersburg to be fully dedicated to vegan and raw diets, Ukrop is a place with delicious food. Here you can indulge on vegan-friendly dishes made from minimal ingredients, but only from natural products. Ukrop has developed an approach of austerity and minimalism, visible in everything from their menu to the interior: white walls, plenty of herbs and plants, and chalkboards are main design elements of the venue.

Ulitsa Marata 23, St Petersburg, +7 812 946 3036

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