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The 10 Best Restaurants in St Petersburg's Vasilyevsky Island

The 10 Best Restaurants in St Petersburg's Vasilyevsky Island

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Situated across the river from the Winter Palace, this St Petersburg island, housing some of the oldest buildings in the city, showcases the best of the city’s stunning European architecture. It is also of great historical and cultural interest. Take in the fantastic atmosphere of this intriguing island while dining in style at one of our recommended spots.


A stunning panorama of the Neva is offered by the huge windows in this elegant restaurant. Diners can gaze across the river and take in the magnificent sight of the St Isaac’s cathedral as they enjoy a range of European and Russian fusion delicacies. In summer, opt for alfresco dining on Bellini’s fabulous balcony for the best views in the city. The ‘sea algae’ salad of Kamchatka crab and caviar is highly recommended and Bellini’s version of the traditional Russian ‘Napoleon’ cake is famous across the city. A wonderful wine menu completes the elegant dining experience at Bellini.


Address & telephone number: Bellini, Universitetskaya embankment 13, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 331-10-01


The finest Georgian delicacies

Widely considered the best Georgian restaurant in St Petersburg, come to Sakartvelo to understand the Russian passion for this foreign cuisine. Similarly with the relationship of Mexican food to America, the punchy flavors and aromatic spices of Georgian dishes have won over Russian hearts and stomachs. For the authentic experience, visitors should try the khachapuri (cheese bread) and tender meat shashliks (kebabs). Love and attention go into every dish here, making the dining experience at Sakartvelo a masterclass in Georgian cuisine. The dark wooden interior, live music evenings, and delicious scent of traditional home-cooking, give Sakartvelo a charmingly cozy atmosphere.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 12-11 pm

Watch out for: the khachapuri & shashliks

Address & telephone number: Sakartvelo, 12th liniya 13, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 328-07-72

Staraya Tamozhnya (The Old Customs House)

One of the finest restaurants in Petersburg, Staraya Tamozhnya offers a true gourmet experience. The French-inspired menu uses high quality ingredients, such as truffles and foie gras, to create exquisite food with rich flavors. Don’t miss the fresh seafood, serving up some of the best oysters and lobster in the city. We recommend the whole baked sturgeon with champagne and caviar sauce. There is also a wonderful range of desserts; mouth-watering options include caramel-fried pear with walnut parfait and chocolate sauce. The restaurant is located in the historic building of an 18th century warehouse and is surrounded by the best of the island’s sights and landmarks. Staraya Tamozhnya’s chic atmosphere is also reflected in its luxurious, antique décor. For an exquisitely elegant dining experience, look no further.


Address & telephone number: Staraya Tamozhnya, Tamozhenny pereulok 1, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 327-89-80


Hidden inside the Erarta Contemporary Art Gallery, this restaurant offers a wonderfully cultural dining experience. Diners are literally surrounded by art as items from the exhibitions spill over in the restaurant. Guests also benefit from free access to art books during their visit. An innovative menu channel’s the restaurant’s creative atmosphere. Classic favorites are given modern twists and, of course, the artistic presentation is always exquisite. Particularly delicious are the classic beef stroganoff, duck pâté with hazelnut, octopus avocado salad with mango dressing, and the crème brûlée with bourbon vanilla. An entire section of the menu is dedicated to bagels; the favorite being bagel stuffed with shrimp and fresh berries. A delightful terrace allows guests to dine under the pleasant shade of trees in summer.


Address & telephone number: Erartra, 29th liniya 2, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 334-68-96


For those wishing to explore the local cuisine, Restoran offers exquisite versions of traditional delicacies. The expert skills of the chefs here ensure that this venture into Russian cuisine will be unforgettable. Particularly recommended are the whole sturgeon, baked in white wine, or the duck with apples. But the menu incorporates all classic favorites including everything from blini (pancakes) with caviar, to cherry and cream vareniki (dumplings), to borscht (beetroot soup). The service is attentive and the bar menu offers up a wonderful wine list. But, for a more authentic experience, opt for traditional Russian mors (berry juice) or one of Restoran’s fantastic vodkas.

Address & telephone number: Restoran, Tamozhenny pereulok 2, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 327-89-79

Dans Le Noir?

Dans Le Noir? is a concept designed to enhance the dining experience and heighten the senses, with locations in the world’s most fashionable cities. The restaurant’s Petersburg branch offers the most unique dining in the city. Tender, aromatic dishes waft fantastic scents and melt in the mouth so that diners truly relish their meal. The unusual part? That everything is served in the dark. The staff act as guides, explaining the concept and leading visitors to their chairs. Guests choose a range of surprise menus (chef’s special, meat, fish and seafood, or vegetarian), made using only the freshest ingredients and adapted for the seasons. After the meal, enjoy a coffee in the light while perusing the photos of the surprise menu you’ve just been served. The delicious bar menu also includes surprise cocktails that are brought to the table. Change your perceptions of fine dining by trying this sensory experience.


Address & telephone number: Dans Le Noir?, Birzhevoy pereulok 4, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 812 335-22-12

Troitsky Most

One of the most popular and oldest vegetarian restaurants in Petersburg, the restaurant is named in honor of the magnificent bridge by which the restaurant is located. Troitsky Most aims to prove that meat-free doesn’t mean flavor-free. The delicious yet healthy menu means it is loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. This landmark of the Petersburg vegetarian scene serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner, all at great value for money. The interior is light and dominated by natural materials, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere . We recommend the sweet corn fritters and the stuffed aubergine.


Address & telephone number: Troitsky Most, 6th liniya 27, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 327-46-22

Casa Del Myaso

Casa Del Myaso is considered to be the finest steakhouse in the city, offering almost every cut of beef imaginable. Care and expertise go into cooking every steak and the results are astounding. Make sure to try the Rossini burger, chosen as Time Out St Petersburg‘s best burger. The wide-ranging menu doesn’t stop at beef: fine-quality rabbit, venison, pork, and chicken are available too, as well as salmon steak and prawns. The unlimited salad bar is another bonus. A modern interior lends a stylish atmosphere to this fantastic steakhouse.


Address & telephone number: Casa del Myaso, Birzhevoy proyezd 6, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 320-97-46


The pun of this retro diner’s name plays on the Russian word buterbrod (meaning sandwich) and the name of Russian poet, Joseph Brodsky, and is a perfect reflection of the fun atmosphere that saturates the place. Frequented mainly by the island’s young and trendy student crowd, the stylishly retro interior of Buterbrodsky preserves much of the building’s historic past but with fascinating, modern additions. Giant pictures of Brodsky gaze down on diners as they enjoy the tasty range of sandwiches and main meals on offer here. The zucchini pancakes are truly delicious, and the wide-range of desserts is simply mouth-watering. For such tasty treats, prices here remain very reasonable, making Buterbrodsky great value for money too.


Address & telephone number: Buterbrodsky, Naberezhnaya Makarova 16, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 922-26-06

Grad Petrov

Good beer can be hard to find in Petersburg, but this German bar and restaurant boasts of an incredible range. Grad Petrov even has its own micro-brewery and visitors can try samples of three of the bar’s own beers with the ‘beer tasting’ option. Visitors can also request a free tour of the on-site brewery. The Bavarian food on offer showcases the best of German cooking. Succulent sausages, juicy schnitzel, braised red cabbage, and deliciously crispy pretzels are served up in hearty portions. There’s even a meter-long sausage served with onion sauce available for the brave! The restaurant’s terrace, located by a luscious park, makes Grad Petrov the perfect place to sip on a beer and munch on German delicacies on a warm summer’s evening.


Address & telephone number: Grad Petrov, Universitetskaya embankment 5, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 326-01-37