The 10 Best Restaurants In St Petersburg's Nevsky Prospekt

Nevsky Prospekt| © Shutterstock
Nevsky Prospekt| © Shutterstock
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9 February 2017

The bustling center of Russia‘s capital of culture: Nevsky Prospekt runs through the beating heart of St Petersburg. While admiring the chic department stores, fascinating landmarks, and exquisite architecture of this European gem: don’t forget to stop off at one of the incredible restaurants that have contributed to Nevsky’s fame and its reputation as a center of culture, beauty, and fantastic cuisine. Follow our guide to discover the best of Nevsky Prospekt.


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pelmeni | © vovsa/Shutterstock
The gourmet delights of the traditionally Russian menu are complimented by Gogol‘s classically elegant interior, channeling the style of a typical Russian aristocratic home, the history of the building, and the wonderful classical music playing in the background. Experience the best of what authentic Russian cuisine can offer with Gogol’s creamy beef stroganoff, and fantastically flavorsome pelmeni(Russian dumplings). For those brave enough to try the true Russian experience: order Gogol’s specialty horseradish vodka, guaranteed to blow your mind (in more ways than one). The various rooms and atmospheres allow diners to find the perfect atmosphere to suit their tastes.


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For those wishing to soak up Nevsky’s chic atmosphere, without its traditionally sky-high price tag, look no further than Biblioteka. Located in an unbeatable central location, just down from the Winter Palace, this kooky café has something to suit everyone. With each floor offering different services and atmospheres, whether it’s a fantastic restaurant, charming coffee shop, trendy bar, or even a flower shop, you’re looking for: you’re sure to find it in Biblioteka. The menu is overflowing with tasty treats such as French toast with berry compote, freshly baked cakes, and gourmet hand-made burgers. We recommend the fantastic range of breakfasts, both traditionally Russian and comfortingly Western.


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For those looking to splash out to experience the best of the best in Petersburg, look no further than Palkin. The restaurant’s creators combined modern flavor combinations and 21st century culinary expertise, with centuries old recipes and a wonderfully decadent tsarist era setting, with outstanding results. Play the part of a Russian aristocrat as you feast on everything, from traditional pike perch to decadently creamy cognac ice cream, under the dazzling light of Palkin’s sumptuous chandeliers while dry ice atmospherically envelops the table around you. Incredibly attentive waiters give expert advice on choices and even fillet your fish in front of you.


Located just a stone’s throw away from Palace Square, the Winter Palace, and a Pushkin museum, Yat is the ideal stop-off on a long day of sightseeing. Surrounded by fantastic landmarks, the truly Russian atmosphere of its location is reflected in the authentic menu. Yat serves up all the classic Russian favorites, and its rustic interior and emphasis on delicious home-cooking give this restaurant the cozy feel of a Russian grandmother’s kitchen. Pelmeni (Russian dumplings), caviar blini (pancakes), herring ‘under a fur coat’ salad, cabbage soup, and the infamous Russian borscht, among others, are all served up in mouth-watering, and hearty, platefuls.

Address & telephone number: Yat, Reki Moyki Embankment 16, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (921) 957-00-23

Slavic borsch | ©Nadya Alex-Na/Shutterstock

Literary Café

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Don’t be misled by the name, this elegant restaurant, with its refined atmosphere, and gourmet food is a far cry from your average café. Literary Café‘s blend of fantastic food and fascinating history is a winning combination that attracts fashionable Petersburg’s chicest residents and tourists alike to its glamorous interiors. The restaurant is where beloved Russian poet, Aleksandr Pushkin, ate his final meal before heading off to fight in the duel that ended his life and cut short a brilliant career. Fine dining and beautiful architecture are just the beginning of the delights in store for diners at Literary Café with its top-quality ingredients and menu of haute Russo-French fusion cuisine.


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Freshly Baked Pizza
Freshly Baked Pizza | ©Diekatrin/Flickr
The dazzlingly white color scheme, plush furnishings, and soft background music create the fabulous atmosphere that makes dining at this European-inspired restaurant so memorable. Elegance suffuses both the interior and the gourmet menu of Italian cuisine. Considering the quality of the artisan pizzas, succulent grilled meats, and delicate fish dishes, the prices are not extortionate, and value for money has made Palermo one of the most popular, sophisticated, Italian restaurants in St Petersburg. Avoid the tourist traps of the city’s main street and make a beeline for the pizzas, pastas, and prestige of Palermo.


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Hearty portions sizes, cozy armchairs, and homely interiors, are just a few reasons why Gosti is such a popular choice with the St Petersburg locals. Join the restaurant’s loyal regulars and enjoy a delicious meal in Gosti’s welcoming atmosphere. Though it’s the interior that attracts visitors, it’s the food that makes them stay. Warming platefuls of high-quality Russian dishes are served alongside tempting versions of European favorites such as pasta and risotto. The lamb shank is especially good.

Café Singer

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The Singer House on Nevsky Prospect
The Singer House on Nevsky Prospect | © Andrey Korzun/WikiCommons
Located in the iconic Singer House that also houses St Petersburg’s most famous bookshop, this café is a Petersburg landmark in itself. Look out through the restaurant’s windows for a stunning panorama of the other exquisite pieces of architecture that this gem of a city boasts. The café’s fantastically central location makes it very convenient for visitors wishing to explore the Church on Spilled Blood, the Kazan Cathedral, and many other unmissable landmarks. Serving great coffee and expertly prepared pastries, among other options; Café Singer is an ideal place for tourists to refuel in historic style among the luxuriously antique furnishings.


The mouth-watering flavors and exotic spices of Caucasian food have made it one of the most popular national cuisines in Russia. Avoid the mediocre offerings of some of the city’s main Caucasian restaurants and head straight for Tarkhun, for the highest quality experience on offer. Fall in love with gooey Georgiankhachapuri (cheesy breads), piquant Uzbekplov (a rice dish), succulent Eastern lamb shashliks (kebabs), and rich and fragrant Armenian wines. Ensure that your first venture into Caucasian cuisine is a good one: visit Tarkhun, with its fresh ingredients, punchy flavors, and expert cookery.

Address & telephone number: Tarkhun, Karavannaya Street 14, St Petersburg, Russia, +7 (812) 571-11-15

Khachapuri © Galiyah Assan/Shutterstock

Khachapuri © Galiyah Assan/Shutterstock

Russian Vodka Room Number 1

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Russian Vodka
Russian Vodka | © Yuri Samoilov/Flickr
A little further from Nevsky, this restaurant earns itself a place on our list thanks to the fantastic experience it provides. Linked to the fascinating Russian Vodka Museum, Russian Vodka Room Number 1 provides a unique experience to try Eastern European cuisine, alongside one of the largest selections of traditional Russian vodkas in the world. The old-fashioned feel of the interior adds to the classically Russian atmosphere and diners are sure to come away dazzled by the authenticity of the experience as well as the mouth-watering decadence of the tsarist era delicacies available. Dine like a tsar: feasting on caviar, sturgeon, stewed veal cheeks, and juicy racks of lamb.

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