The 10 Best Restaurants In Novosibirsk, Siberia

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9 February 2017

Russia‘s third most populous city, virtually unexplored by foreign visitors until now, has recently become the nation’s most up-and-coming tourist destination. The city of Novosibirsk, located in south-west Siberia, is a major stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and this vast metropolis, the largest city in Asian Russia, attracts visitors with its history, architecture, culture and fantastic food scene. Here are the 10 best restaurants to try out when visiting the city.

A winter sunset in Novosibirsk | © Mikhail Koninin/Flickr

Beerman & Pelmeni

Restaurant, Beer, $$$
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The Russian delicacy of pelmeni
The Russian delicacy of pelmeni | © stu_spivack/Flickr
The restaurant derives its name from the Russian delicacy of pelmeni (traditional dumplings), and due to their mind-boggling array of choices of these little pastry treasure troves, Beerman & Pelmeni is one of the best places to try dumplings in the whole city. The options range from traditional grandmother-taught recipes to Georgian versions of the dumplings to Japanese-inspired dumplings. Other Russian delights of the menu include traditional salads, such as Russian salad slivier, and an array of hearty soups. We recommend the Siberian borscht (beetroot soup). The restaurant also offers an incredible range of foreign beers to try. Beerman & Pelmeni regularly hosts musical performances from superb local talents and the lively sounds of jazz make for a perfect accompaniment to the restaurant’s cheerful atmosphere.


Delicious Mediterranean cuisine, perhaps not exactly what you’d expect to find in the largest city in the icy region of Russian Siberia, but the authentic Italian flavors and warm, filling portions of Perchini have proved a roaring success in Novosibirsk. The menu offers up a whole host of fresh, home-made pastas, accompanied by a range of delicious sauces. The Italian inspired delights here also include pizzas, lasagna, and calzones. The recently added grill menu of juicy meats provides similar temptation for travelers. Stylish, modern interiors have made Perchini a favorite with Novosibirsk’s young, fashionable crowds. The great selection of wines makes it an ideal place to come and relax with friends.

Address & telephone number: Perchini, 4th floor, Krasnyy Prospect, 25/1, Novosibirsk, Russia, +7 (383) 325-35-25

Loft Trava

This fascinating project has transformed a simple loft into an art space, dance studio, theater, printing workshop, and an exhibition centre for independent projects. The café area provides a perfect spot for soaking up the cultural atmosphere. Come and admire the best of Novosibirsk’s creative scene and hang out with the city’s coolest and most hipster residents. Who knows, you might even be sitting alongside the next Damien Hirst as you enjoy an aromatic coffee and range of tasty treats.
Address & telephone number: Art space Loft Trava, Frunze street, 19, entrance N5, Novosibirsk, Russia, +7 9030493355


Restaurant, Georgian, European, $$$
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The rice dish, plov - a Caucasian delicacy
The rice dish, plov - a Caucasian delicacy | © Robyn Lee/Flickr
For those wishing to experience the Caucasian delicacies that have caused the Russian nation to fall head over heels for Georgian cuisine, look no further than Tiflis. Authentic flavors simply burst from each mouthful. The aromatic flavors, full-bodied wines, gooey freshly-baked cheese breads, and succulent lamb kebabs on the menu at Tiflis will ensure that this foray into traditional Georgian cuisine will be a memorable one. The cozy, cavern-like feel of the interior is very atmospheric. The restaurant is centrally located by Novosibirsk’s central park.

La Maison

Restaurant, French, European, Seafood
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Candle-light and delicious wine - the perfect accompaniment to gourmet French food
Candle-light and delicious wine - the perfect accompaniment to gourmet French food | © Brendan DeBrincat/Flickr
This French-inspired restaurant is situated a stone’s throw from the Novosibirsk museum of local history and the city’s most charming green and tranquil squares. La Maison is housed inside a former theater and the building’s early 20th century architecture makes for a stunning setting to this fine-dining experience. The menu is comprises both French and Russian cuisines, prepared using only top-quality ingredients with outstanding results. The excellent wines and mouth-watering desserts make for perfect accompaniments to the gourmet main meals.


For travelers looking to refuel on a budget, Vilka-Lozhka is the prime choice. The steaming soups, and warming meat platters are sure to satisfy even the hungriest of stomachs. The best part though is the bargain prices here at Vilka-Lozhka. This self-service canteen, a relic of the Soviet era, offers some of the best value for money food in the whole city. The funky tunes pumping out and young and trendy clientèlehave made Vilka-Lozhka one of Novosibirsk’s coolest hang-outs.
Address & telephone number: Vilka-Lozhka, Frunzye Ulitsa, 2, Novosibirsk, Russia, +7 (383) 328-15-28

Puppen Haus

Restaurant, European, Vegetarian, $$$
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Traditional Russian specialities such as pickled gherkins, herring, and smoked salmon
Traditional Russian specialities such as pickled gherkins, herring, and smoked salmon | © Alpha/Flickr
Spread over three floors, each different level of this intriguing restaurant has its own fascinating and unique style of décor. Make sure you take a tour of the whole building to appreciate the quirky and fun interior in its entirety. With furnishings based around puppet shows and traditional fairy tales, Puppen Haus will whisk you off to magical locations and distant lands as you tuck into your dinner. Staff dressed up in wonderful, colorful outfits complete the experience here at Puppen Haus. The international menu is as brimming with creativity and interest as the rest of the building.


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For those seeking a little taste of sunshine amid the snowdrifts and icicles of Novosibirsk, Restaurant Mexico is the perfect answer. Piquant grills, succulent steaks, over-flowing burritos, and tasty quesadillas, will transport you away to a world of beaches, deserts, and jungles. Affordable prices and hearty portions also enhance this already tempting prospect. The buzzing atmosphere, great music, and authentic décor all invite visitors in, while the mouth watering Mexican food makes them stay. The giant charcoal grill is the secret behind the incredible steaks and grills here at Mexico which have earned them so much popularity in Novosibirsk’s food scene, as well as twice earning the title of Russia’s Best BBQ.

Expeditsia (Expedition)

Restaurant, Russian
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A self-proclaimed ‘Northern’ restaurant, the rustic interiors and wooden furnishings here at Expedition make diners forget their urban surroundings and imagine they are sitting in a real log cabin in the middle of the Siberian wilderness. The menu at Expedition offers diners a chance to sample fascinating Northern and Far Eastern Russian delicacies in this charming setting. Venison, wild duck, king crab, and sturgeon are just some of the exciting options on offer here and the authentic Siberian chefs work their magic to cook each dish to perfection, using centuries old recipes. The interior features a real helicopter used for rescue missions in Siberia and a live cinema showing documentaries about expeditions in this infamous region. Live guitar music offers diners a unique to chance to hear some traditional folk tunes as they enjoy their meal.

Odnazhdi v Amerikye

Restaurant, Russian, $$$
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Meaning ‘Once in America’, this restaurant aims to plunge visitors into the world of 1920s America: a world of vibrant jazz, of prohibition, and of roaring parties. The stylish black and white décor, elegant wooden paneling, stunning photographs of the New York skyline, and the lively music, all conspire to transport visitors back in time – to a 1920s jazz club. Odnazhdi v Amerikye hosts live musical performances every Thursday and Friday. The menu, a fusion of American classics and traditional Russian favorites, truly can cater for all.

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