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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Zamoskvorechye, Moscow
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Zamoskvorechye, Moscow

Picture of Patricia Krujalskyte
Updated: 12 December 2016
Moscow is a city with a long and rich history and both Western and Eastern influences. The Zamoskvorechye district in the heart of the city is no exception. As such, brunch is popular and the 40,000 local residents and tourists alike have a good choice of places to try; we list some of the best.
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Bar-Buffet Nikolay

Bar-Buffet Nikolay is a mix of two life-long dreams; the owner Kiril has always wanted his own bar, and his mother has always dreamed of her own bakery. So, they combined their efforts and the result is an unusual yet great little place.

Pyatnitskaya Street, 53, Moscow, +7 495 951 95 59

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If you can’t quite decide what to have for brunch, head to the cafeteria Grably and while wandering through its three floors of free-flow design, your eyes will decide for you. A beautiful sunny and floral space reminiscent of early 20th century atriums, Grably is the perfect place to go to with a family, a group of friends or even alone.

Pyatnitzkaya Street, House 27, Moscow, +7 495 545 08 30

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Fedya, Dich!

Located in Danilovsky Market, one of the most exciting markets in Moscow, Fedya, Dich! is an original choice for brunch and deserves a visit. It’s a simple place, with quirky wooden interiors and jars of kompot adorning the shelves, that serves a simple menu.

Mytnaya Street, 74, Moscow, +7 916 747 01 10

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In Mechta, you can order from breakfast around the clock. Feel like eggs benedict or omelette in the evening? No problem. Alongside Mechta’s ordinary menu there are also seasonal offers, homemade pies and oriental and Japanese menus. Here, customers can wash it all down with a pot of loose-leaf teas. Enjoy the feast sitting in large and plush sofas and armchairs, and if you accidentally stay until night time, prepare for karaoke and DJs.

Sadovnicheskaya Street, 84, Building 3/7, Moscow, +7 495 633 58 88

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Discovery Club

Three floors of a yacht design, decorated in a way to remind you about sea and exploration, Café Discovery Club stands for one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Moscow. Lounge music and a quiet and romantic atmosphere makes this spot great for brunch, especially on Sundays as customers can get 20% off on the whole menu.

24 Novokuznetskaya Street, Building 2, Moscow, +7 495 953 38 63

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The interior of Gastropub Moments is bold and urban – a relaxing place for brunch any day of the week. Moments serve an eclectic menu with items such as Israeli hummus, Greek options with delicious tzatziki sauce, Turkish kofta or Scandinavian smørrebrød. Moments does great cocktails and even greater coffee.

Tatarskaya Street, 7/1, Moscow, +7 499 530 17 68

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Grand Victoria

Grand Victoria is a great little restaurant in its own right with elegant old-school interiors and classic European and Russian dishes. For brunch, you best choose from a lunch menu; even though it is not very extensive, the menu varies almost daily. There are also menus for European and Russian dishes, that include avocado with cocktail shrimp, snails with garlic butter, homemade dumplings, and classic fish and meat dishes, such as sturgeon Moscow-style and beef stroganoff.

Shipok Street, 16, Moscow, +7 499 236 33 63

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Baltschug Grill

‘Generosity is not a vice’ is the motto of the Baltschug Grill located in the Kempinski hotel. Baltschug boasts picturesque panoramic views of Kremlin and subtle and warm décor. At the end of a tiring week, head to the Sunday magnum brunch at Baltschug and spoil yourself a bit. The prices are not cheap, but everything is included: free-flowing Ruinart champagne, live bands, and a royal spread.

Balchug Street, 1, Moscow, +7 495 287 20 08

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Jean de Baran Bistro

For delicious and filling Swiss cuisine, head to the Jean de Baran Bistro. Its specialty and pride are the sausages made of several types of chilled meat. As a brunch option during the week, try a business lunch with several price options. On the weekends, the Swiss brunch comes highly recommended. Or, to make it easier for yourself, have a daily Swiss set, which includes fondue for two and a bottle of wine.

Sadovnicheskaya Embankment, 69, Moscow, +7 495 640 43 43

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If you want absolute peace and quiet to accompany your brunch, head to Mate; being noisy is against the rules here. There is a small entrance fee and customers have to remove their shoes, but in return, you’ll receive colorful socks based on your Mayan sun sign. In these peaceful and quiet surroundings, customers can can invigorate their minds with mate tea, a traditional South American caffeine-rich drink.

Lesteva Street, 19/2, Moscow, +7 495 952 00 46