The Best Bars in Sochi, Russia

Sochi is a luxury destination
Sochi is a luxury destination | © Validub / flickr
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23 June 2018

It’s not just azure waters and a balmy locale that draws people into the beautiful Black Sea resort town of Sochi. Renowned for its glittering nightlife, revellers come to bask in the sun during the day and party all night long. However, if you’re more of a barfly than a club kid, make sure you visit the best bars in the city.

Sea Zone

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A restaurant and cocktail bar right on the water, Sea Zone is an ideal treat for a sophisticated sundowner or a well-mixed martini or two. Located right on the beach front, the terrace boasts one of the best views in town, where you can hear the waves as they crash onto the shoreline. The restaurant specialises in seafood if you are feeling a little peckish.

Corks Wine Bar and Kitchen

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This stylish wine bar claims to be the first of its kind in the city. The bar’s exposed brick walls and soft, plush seats are inviting enough that you may come for a glass, but stay for a bottle. There is a Russian and European menu substantial enough to keep hunger at bay, and the list of drinks has a full – but not overwhelming – selection of local wines, as well as international drops.

Harbour Bar

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Adler’s Harbour Bar is another cocktail bar, perfect for an afternoon or early evening drink, as well as a nightcap. Though it’s a little out of town, it’s worth the journey. Like Sea Zone, it offers an inviting beachfront terrace that is ideal for a lazy drink in the sun. Inside, the dark, atmospheric decor makes it an ideal place to settle in and try one of their house-made cocktails, such as the cherry-brandy-based Blood and Sand, or one of the more festive tiki cocktails, which pack a punch with tropical fruit infusions and exotic flavours. Harbour Bar is attached to an excellent restaurant, which also specialises in seafood.

Cocos Bar

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This place is probably one of the most exclusive club bars in Sochi. If you want to get in, you’d better make sure you look the part. There is an extensive cocktail list full of tropical drinks rich with coconuts, pineapples and limes. The Feijoa Martini is one of the house specialties. Food-wise, the offerings include Asian cuisine, as well as European and Russia fare.


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Enjoy cocktails in a trendy setting at Green Park | Enjoy cocktails in a trendy setting at Green Park

The bar Prosto, which turns into a club later on, is a cosy and comfortable venue that is slightly more relaxed than some of the other bars around town. Although it isn’t a cocktail bar, it does offer them. You can also unwind with a hookah and then stay for the DJs, who keep the crowd moving until early morning.

Radiohead Bar

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This place is a casual establishment with a convivial atmosphere. Head to Radiohead if you want to sample craft beer, catch a game, listen to live music, or just hang out with friends over a board game. Seating is limited, but the prices are reasonable and the bar serves food as well. Radiohead Bar also hosts the occasional movie and stays open as long as the last man is still standing.

Cafe Shaiba

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A cafe and bar with a roof-top terrace, Cafe Shaiba is an ideal place to while away an afternoon. The restaurant is located a block away from the coast and the main dining room is breezily stylish. The food is casual and affordable and includes Italian, Russian and Mediterranean food, with an emphasis on seafood, of course.