Must-Try Cocktails in St Petersburg

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29 January 2018

Some have said that in recent years, St Petersburg has become the Russian capital of bars and mixology. That can easily be true with the amount of bars and new concepts popping up in the city every month. Somehow, each bar has managed to stay original. We’ll tell you what to drink and where to go in St Petersburg.

Aztek Negroni

Basically, this is a twisted Negroni – twisted with Mexico in mind. This unique cocktail recipe was created in bar El Copitas. This venue’s team was inspired by all things Mexico, and they are absolutely incredible at everything they do. Make sure to visit this place, and while you’re here, watch a cartoon dedicated to Aztek Negroni.

Gastronomical Mojito

The ‘Gastronomika’ bar manager was searching for an alternative to a classic mojito, and while he was on his search, he created this mojito made with vodka. The customization of the drink was definitely successful, as it gave a bit of a ‘Russian’ twist to it.

Piter Mule

‘Why only Moscow Mule? We are in St Petersburg!’, thought the team at Gin Tonic, who created this cocktail. The recipe turned out to be quite spicy, full of flavour and very original. You can even buy it in a branded bottle and bring it home as a souvenir.


This cocktail is dedicated to the ancient Aztek goddess of love, Shochiketsal. Made with a tequila base and topped with Italian mint liquor, Shochiketsal indulges drinkers with a fresh, deep flavour. As a ‘cherry on top’, it’s paired with Gorgonzola cheese.

Where to drink: Kabinet, Malaya Sadovaya Street

Заходящее солнце кровавыми всполохами освещает гору Истаксиуатль. Ацтекская земля медленно остывает и готовится к спасительной ночной прохладе, которая подарит несколько часов передышки перед очередным жарким днем. Вдохновленные дальними странствиями, полными ночных переходов по горам и высушенным солнцем полям, в «Кабинете» подают коктейль «Шочикецаль», посвященный ацтекской богине любви. Сладкие ноты плодов бананового дерева перемешиваются с горечью агавы. Жгучую текилу смягчает «королева снегов» — настойка из корней горечавки, а итальянский ликёр со вкусом мяты оставляет на губах легкую сладость. Все это великолепие вкуса и цвета сервируется вместе с пикантным сыром горгонзола, который не оставит бесстрастным самого искушенного гурмана. #barkabinet #kabinetbar #kabinet_cocktails

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Country Oz

The inspiration of this cocktail came all the way from Australia, the country of Oz. The ingredients include cucumber, white rum, gin, passion fruit and other secret ingredients that work together to create an unforgettable drink.


In southern Russia and Ukraine they call beetroot ‘buryak’. Since the beetroot is the base of this shot, the name fits perfectly. ‘Buryak’ shots are served in sets of four.

Salvia Fizz

Salvia Fizz is a twist of the classic Gin Fizz cocktail, but with more herbal notes like sage and vermouth. The result is a very fresh cocktail with citrus notes. This is a cocktail you’ll want to try as soon as you arrive in St Petersburg.

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