Muscovite Foodie, Elena Konchalovskaya on Moscow's 10 Best Eateries

Coffee. StockSnap (c) | Pixabay
Coffee. StockSnap (c) | Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist15 January 2018

Meet Elena Konchalovskaya, food editor of the Russian online magazine, The Village. Elena is undoubtedly one of the most popular foodies and trendsetters in the capital. She attends all official restaurant, cafe and bar openings in Moscow, interviews famous chefs, attends food tasting workshops and writes reviews. Elena first built an impressive career as an editor and a writer for various Russian magazines, and even opened her own publishing house. But, she later decided to dedicate all her time to the thing she loves most: food and restaurants. Here are the best spots in Moscow for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and a drink at the bar, according to Elena.

Courtesy of Lena Konchalovskaya

Breakfast & Coffee

Elena highly recommends starting your day at her favourite centrally located cafe, Chernyi Cooperative. This was created by three best friends who were obsessed with coffee beans. They probably make the best coffee in Moscow.

Another beloved tea and coffee spot is Chainaya Vysota, a bookstore and cafe located on Pokrovka, a historical street in Moscow. As well as the vast choice of Russian and European fiction, there’s a little hidden cafe on the ground floor here. Locals usually come here to read books, drink tea, eat local ice-cream and chat. It’s hidden from tourists, so check a map in advance.

If you’d prefer to treat yourself with something sweet, visit Claire – Eclaire cafe and shop. You’ll be impressed with the high-quality desserts made onsite daily.

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Lunch & Dinner

A favourite spot of Elena’s is Glenuill, a restaurant established by the famous Australian chef Glen Ballis. Glen has become quite popular in Moscow over the last decade with his multiple restaurants.

She also loves Boston Seafood & Bar, which offers some of the most extensive Kamchatka crab and mussel options and best white wine in the capital.

Elena’s third pick is all about fresh farm products, which are delivered to this restaurant daily. LavkaLavka, located on the left side of the famous Petrovka Street, offers contemporary Russian cuisine and the best home-made lemonades.

Cocktail bars

One of Elena’s most favourite spots is Voda Bar, which opened its doors in summer 2017 and immediately became the top cocktail spot among locals because of its location, cocktail list and a great friendly atmosphere.

Proceed to Denis Simachev Shop & Bar, located in the same neighbourhood, for a great tequila shot and to dance till the morning with the most beautiful people in the Russian capital.

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