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The Foodie Blog With An Arty Twist From Russia

The Foodie Blog With An Arty Twist From Russia

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Updated: 30 November 2016
Kitchen Ghosts is growing cooking blog spot dedicated to some fascinating food-art fusions – this is the remarkable cinematographic work of Moscow-based duo Daria and Olya. Their work showcases the very best of culinary skills and artistic creativity.


The inventive skills of Daria Khoroshavina are extensive and comprehensive. Her GIFs range from the snow-filled outdoor scenes of disgruntled cats in remote locations, to the slow, gentle movements of a cooking egg. In Kitchen Ghosts, she amalgamates her originality with Olya’s remarkable culinary work.



As the cooking process is broken down into stages, so the GIF images artfully capture the cooking steps and present the truly seductive side of preparing a dish. With succinct useful captions that help you through the process, these cinema-graphs can be regarded as recipes that are combined with ingenious photography that brings food to life.



In the Russian duo’s growing archive of beautifully presented food, the appetite-whetting range of images showcases the photography and cooking skills of Olya and Daria. See in their works a mouth-watering portrayal of sweet treats to eat and savoury dishes to dig into.



The pear and walnut strudel sequence s is just one instance of this innovation; the water mesmerizingly drips onto the pear’s skin as the fruit is washed under a running tap, next the chopped pear rocks gently back and forth on the board. Finally the sugar falls into the pot as the chunks are added to the boiling water. The end result is an absolutely delicious dessert.




A true passion of Daria’s is photography, and her love of capturing perfect pictures is reflected in Kitchen Ghosts. This, along with Olya’s delectably showcased food, is why the Russia-based pair’s work should definitely be checked out. It is entrancing stuff, consisting of looped, repeated animated actions that are apt for conveying a recipe, inspiring you to create your own dish.