In Pictures: Undiscovered Beauty in the Russian Wilderness

Lake Teletskoye, Altai Mountains, Russia
Lake Teletskoye, Altai Mountains, Russia
Photo of Dasha Fomina
21 September 2017

As the world’s largest country, Russia embraces a variety of picturesque scenery. Feast your eyes on the spectacular wilderness captured by Russian Explorers, a community of young travel photographers inspired by the nature of their home country.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

The world’s deepest and oldest freshwater lake, Baikal, also happens to be one of Russia’s most-visited World Heritage Sites. Apart from breathtaking views, it’s surrounded by a famous hiking trail and offers amazing opportunities for wildlife-spotting and sport-fishing.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Kola Peninsula and Murmansk Oblast

Northern Lights and Kola Peninsula, Russia

Explore the Russian arctic Murmansk Oblast, mainly on the Kola Peninsula, which is almost entirely located inside the Arctic Circle. Here, you can explore tundra and taiga natural reserves, see fish in crystal-clear lakes and watch the Northern Lights.

Lake Seydozero, the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Kamchatka Peninsula

The Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

The amazing Kamchatka enthrals, with its snow-capped volcanoes, pristine rivers and hot springs. If complete wilderness is what you’re searching for, this extraordinary peninsula is the place for you.

Mutnovsky Volcano, The Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Altai Mountains

Chulyshman River, Altai Mountains, Russia

With some of the most spectacular views in Russia, the Altai Mountains boast all kinds of scenery, from mountainous taiga, to mountain meadows, to glaciers. A popular spot for rafting and trekking, the Altai Mountains are also known for abundant animal and plant life.

Chuya Highway, Altai Mountains, Russia


Dombai Mountains, the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia

Located in the Northern Caucasus, this semi-autonomous Russian republic has some of the most magnificent scenery you’ll ever see. Whether you choose to ski in Dombai and Arkhyz mountains, explore natural reserves of Teberda or discover the region’s history in Cherkessk, this place will leave you wanting more.

Dombai Mountains, the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia

Republic of Dagestan

The Republic of Dagestan, Russia

This autonomous republic in the North Caucasus had been a tourist no-go zone for quite a while. Now, there might be new hope for the fascinating land, as more people are eager to discover its vibrant capital, breathtaking scenery, spectacular ancient ruins, rich history and friendly people.

The Republic of Dagestan, Russia

Republic of Karelia

Republic of Kerelia

A unique blend of nature’s beauty and impressive historical legacy, Karelia seems to have it all: plentiful wildlife, rushing rivers, stunning views and powerful history. Karelia is also home to the Kizhi open-air museum on the eponymous island in the center of Lake Onega, where you can see a 300-year-old wooden church built without a single nail.

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