A Guide to Moscow’s Oldest Restaurants

Dining room. JamesDeMers (c) | Pixabay
Dining room. JamesDeMers (c) | Pixabay
Moscow’s restaurant scene is a competitive one, and it can be a challenge for new establishments to gain a foothold, especially those offering more traditional Russian dishes. However the following list of Moscow-based restaurants have survived after many changes in the city, and offer their clients an extensive menu daily. These local restaurants are famous for some decades and even centuries. From typical Russian cuisine, to Uzbek cafés in the cozy corners of Moscow, Culture Trip has rounded up the oldest restaurants currently operating in Moscow.


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Uzbek cuisine
Uzbek cuisine | © Forden / Shutterstock

This Uzbek cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow and first opened its doors in 1951. Two decades ago the famous Novikov Group bought it and made certain changes, however the restaurant became even more popular after the renovation. A restaurant menu offers its visitors tasty masterpieces of Lebanese chef Ihat Abu Said, famous for his unique culinary style influenced by Uzbek, Lebanese, and Mediterranean traditions.

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This huge venue, located right in the historical heart of Moscow, was opened 150 years ago and was famous for its fusion of Russian and European cuisines along with nourishing and sweet pastries. Nowadays the restaurant is even more popular and offers its clients a mix of Russian, European, Japanese and Brazilian cuisines presented to guests in 10 different halls. A must-visit if you’re in favour of Russian history, you may find many old courses here along with a great welcoming atmosphere and a huge pastry shop on the ground floor.

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U Pirosmani

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

This venue remains trendy even 30 years after its opening. A Georgian cuisine restaurant provides its visitors a unique and a vast choice of typical traditional courses, a great wine menu, a welcoming atmosphere and live music. This restaurant is one of a kind mainly because it’s the only Georgian restaurant in Moscow that hosts exhibitions of their artists and painters. A beloved spot of Yoko Ono and Richard Gere.

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This restaurant, located in the historic part of Moscow, opened its doors in 1930. Back in those days it was a small café near the famous central literature building, where many poets and writers worked and contacted the main publishing offices. Even nowadays the restaurant consists of two different halls, one open to public, the other for club members, connected to Russian literature. Highly recommend if you’d like to experience an atmosphere of a private, historical venue and to sample traditional Russian courses.

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Restaurant, Russian, Beer, $$$

This Soviet-style bar and restaurant is located right in the centre of Moscow, in Arbat district, and was opened in 1960. Many Russian and Caucasian courses are on offer here daily, the price is affordable, and even the atmosphere and interior both remain untouched since its opening. Highly recommend for those who prefer to taste craft beer abroad.

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Restaurant, Russian, Seafood, $$$

Sirena fish restaurant is the first restaurant of the famous Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov and his Novikov Group. For more than 25 years it has served delicious Russian seafood dishes and creates a great and warm atmosphere for its guests.

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