10 Culturally Significant Hotels in Moscow

Moscow City | © Alex Defender/Flickr
Moscow City | © Alex Defender/Flickr
Russia’s capital is known for its complex history, its extravagant architectural monuments and its status as the most populous city in Europe. What follows is a list of ten hotels which represent the historic, turbulent, and cutting edge aspects of this fascinating city.
© Hotel National Moscow 

Hotel National Moscow

© Golden Apple Boutique Hotel 

Golden Apple Boutique Hotel

© Hotel Metropole 

Hotel Metropole

© Barvikha Hotel and SPA 

Barvikha Hotel and SPA: Barvikha

© Petroff Palace Hotel 

Petroff Palace Hotel

© Hotel Savoy 

Hotel Savoy

© The Sovietsky Historical Hotel 

The Sovietsky Historical Hotel

For those who wish to immerse themselves in the Russia of the Soviet era, The Sovietsky Historical Hotel is the place to stay. The hotel originates from 1952, when Stalin himself ordered a hotel to be added to the already existing restaurant ‘Yar’. At this time, the early 20th century facade was reconstructed in Soviet style. The restaurant was then renamed after the Hotel Sovietsky and served as an important meeting point for governmental and diplomatic circles. A 1998 renovation of the structure leaves behind an eerie mixture of Soviet era propaganda and pre-revolutionary grandeur.

© Sretenskaya Hotel 

Sretenskaya Hotel

© Chenonceau Hotel 

Chenonceau Hotel

© Hotel Garden Ring 

Hotel Garden Ring