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Football. jarmoluk (c) | Pixabay
Football. jarmoluk (c) | Pixabay

Everything You Need to Know About Sochi for Russia 2018

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Contributor / Journalist
Updated: 24 December 2017

The city of Sochi is truly one of the hugest and most popular locations for the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup, which will take a place in Russian Federation in summer of 2018. Sochi is a southern Russian city, located in the Krasnodar region and famous for its amazing coastline, mountains, ski resorts and an authentic Russian and Caucasian cuisine. Here are the main things you should know about the city before your visit to the Cup.

Places to eat in Sochi

Sochi is a southern city. Of course you may head directly to the typical Russian cuisine restaurant located in the city centre with many local cuisines on offer daily, however we highly recommend you to take a look at Caucasian cuisine, which is very popular in this region; most probably you won’t find the same high-quality for these cuisines in other regions of Russia. Local gem ‘Hmeli & Suneli’ is undoubtedly one of the best. This famous local spot offers a perfect combination of Russian and Caucasian cuisines mixed with classic Georgian and Armenian courses in one place. Choose one of the green salad courses and try the best Georgian wine along with local dessert. Yummy.

Address: Roz Street 57, Sochi, Russia

How to get to Sochi Bolshoi Stadium

Sochi is the major city of sport and stadiums in the Russian Federation. One of the must-visit stadiums of the town is Bolshoi sports stadium, located in Adler district. This famous Russian ice stadium looks exactly like an enormous water drop, and it is considered one of the beloved spots for visitors from all over the world, right after the Olympics stadium back in 2014. Bolshoi is a local sports and musical events arena, what is really comfortable, this stadium accommodates 12,000 people. The well-equipped area of the stadium has a huge digital screen cube hanging from its rooftop, and it broadcasts all the best football and hockey matches.

Address: Imeretinskaya Nizmennost, Olympic Park, Adler District, Sochi, Russia. 

Coffee spots in Sochi

The Sochi area has plenty of different cafes. There’s always a perfect option, even for the picky foodie who knows what to choose, especially if he is exhausted right after the busy day at the stadium. One of these places is Barabas Espresso Bar, located in Adler neighbourhood of Sochi. Barabas is exactly that kind of a place where you feel at home. Relaxing atmosphere and friendly vibe, the place creates a perfect impression. Different sorts of coffee, local and imported teas, infusions and smoothies are on offer here daily.

Address: Romashek Street, 6A/1, Adler, Sochi.

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Things to see and do in Sochi

Sochi’s Old Town area is considered to be one of the oldest and the most beautiful southern gems of Russia. This city has everything for a perfect getaway: ski-resorts, water activities, stadiums, restaurants, bars and cafes, museums, concert halls and natural parks. One of these local gems is Riviera Park, located in the city centre. Riviera is one of the beloved spots for visitors from all over the world. Founded back in 1898 by the Moscow-based merchant dynasty Khludov, you can discover up to 250 species of various plants and flowers. You can also bring your children to the local amusement park.

Address: Egorova Street 1, Sochi, Russia. 

Places to stay in Sochi

The city of Sochi was already prepared to take and accommodate a huge number of visitors from all over the world during the Olympics. That’s why the city is literally full of different kinds of hotels, hostels, guest houses and Airbnbs. If you fancy a comfortable place with gym, swimming pool, bar and a restaurant and an affordable price, we highly recommend you to take a look at Mercure Sochi Centre Hotel.This hotel is located right in the heart of Sochi, just 2 minutes walking distance from the Black Sea and Fisht Stadium. The hotel provides its guests everything they need: from fitness centre to free WiFi and comfortable beach with towels and bar. Each room is equipped with an air conditioning system, flat TV screen, mini-bar, deposit box and a desk with kettle and various teas and infusions. All the bathrooms are equipped with hairdryers.

Address: Ordzhonikidze Street 11A Street, Sochi, Russia

Sports bars in Sochi to watch the games

The modern Sochi area has plenty of different bars. Some of them are only for sports fans. One of the best places to watch football in the city is an Irish beer pub O’Hara. The largest beer and alcohol menu across the whole Sochi area is undoubtedly here. The courses of British and Irish cuisines are on offer here daily for affordable and reasonable prices. The pub is equipped with big flat-screens and projectors for a perfect match experience. Must book and check the availability in advance during game dates. Cheers!

Address & Phone: Naberezhnaya Lavanda 2, Sochi, Russia. +7 (938) 461 67 13