Bright, Bold and Adventurous: The Standout Looks From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

© Dmitry Abaza/Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
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Updated: 21 March 2017
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On March 12, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia unveiled its catwalks in Moscow. Below we highlight nine designers who delivered beyond expectations and set some of the brightest, boldest and most adventurous fashion trends for Fall 2017. Here are the most spectacular looks from the 34th season of the Russian fashion week.

Slava Zaitsev

Sometimes called the “Red Dior” or “the czar of Soviet fashion”, Slava Zaitsev, who turned 79 earlier this month, never fails to surprise. The legendary designer set the tone of the event with his signature outlined silhouettes, bright colors and the occasional nod to Russian folktales.

A model wearing a look on the Slava Zaitsev runway
© Dmitry Abaza / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Isabel Garcia

Elegance expressed with simplicity and accuracy was the theme of Isabel Garcia’s collection. Arguably the most romantic designer of the event, the elaborate embroidery of formal suits, tactile chiffon dresses and streaming skirts deserved a standing ovation.

One of the looks on the Isabel Garcia runway
© Dmitry Abaza / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Bella Potemkina

Bella Potemkina’s new collection was all about finding playful elements in environmentally friendly fashion. Some stand-out pieces in her collection on the catwalk included an eco-friendly fuchsia fur coat, purple latex over-the-knee boots and black double-breasted sequinned dresses.

A model wearing sequined over-the-knee boots at Bella Potemkina
© Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Ksenia Knyazeva

Ksenia Knyazeva’s surprising blend of girl power, gothic and medieval themes made her collection, ambitiously named “Jeanne d’Arc”, the highlight of the week-long event. Formal wear paired with scandalous shirts, feather-decorated wrapper coats and multimedia-enhanced fiery dresses make it worth checking the brand’s Instagram.

A model walks the runway at the Ksenia Knyazeva fashion show
© Dmitry Abaza / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia


Inspired by the painting The Swan Princess created by Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel, Dimaneu chose to end his show which was full of swan silhouettes, feathers and feather prints, with a dramatic dance performance. Just as in the work of the great painter, theatrics shone through.

A model walks along the catwalk in Dimaneu
© Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Alexandr Rogov

TV personality, art director and fashion stylist Alexandr Rogov knows a thing or two about glamour. With his ability to mix classy with provocative, be it the transparent plastic jackets or a one-sided nipple-exposing black gown, he always leaves the audience gushing with excitement.

A model in Alexandr Rogov’s designs
© Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Yulia Nikolaeva

This season, the eponymous designer chose minimalism and simplicity to accompany her usual tomboy aesthetics, and put high stakes on details like the open-toe knit tights, frayed parts of leather pouches and necklaces. The collection’s subdued color palette was interrupted by leopard prints which offset its laid back feel, giving it an extra feminine touch.

A model walking down the catwalk in Yulia Nikolaeva
© Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia


The new collection by St Petersburg-based designer Yury Pitenin was all about texture and shape—from multi-layered dresses, to geometric-silhouetted sequined pants and feather-light lace skirts. Color gradation, bold asymmetry and little details gave the collection that peculiar look and feel, resulting in a very positive reception.

A model wears Saint-Tokyo
© Oleg Nikishin / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Julia Dalakian

Julia Dalakian chose a sexy spy to be the main hero of her new collection. The styling saw red-lipped models in sunglasses juxtaposed with the radiant metallic fabrics, silver chains and provocative cuts, to excellent effect.

A model wears Julia Dalakian
© Dmitry Abaza / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
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