Best Co-Working Spaces in St Petersburg

Ready for work | © Skitterphoto/Pixabay
Ready for work | © Skitterphoto/Pixabay
Photo of Olga Glioza
15 January 2018

The culture of co-working can be great for young businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you are one of these and plan on setting up in St Petersburg, we’ve compiled a list of great places where you can work during your travels, no matter how long or short your stay is.

Praktik Space

This stylish place has several branches in different spots of the city center. Praktik is beloved by creative freelancers, IT developers as well as small businesses and the design of the space caters for all needs. The atmosphere helps you to concentrate, and the design is pleasing and minimalistic. The prices per day start from 500 rub.

Work Smart

Work Smart is not just a space but also a team of business consultants who will be happy to take you through many different procedures of paperwork, operational and accounting services. The space is equipped with all necessary facilities: conference rooms, lockers, drinks and snacks, as well as business periodicals. Renting a space will cost you around 160rub/hour or 800rub/day for short-term lease.

Zona Space

The biggest co-working space in St Petersburg, Zona Space is located on the first floor of the former factory building. The space has all the facilities, kitchen, lounge-zone and special phone booths for business calls. Most of the residents are start-up businesses and IT specialists. Additional options include multiple and various masterclasses and some sections for physical exercise.


3place is quite a small co-working area with an option of hourly payment. Even though it has only 12 working places, it attracts a stable crowd of people, who know they will always meet someone there who thinks similarly. On the upper floor there is a café situated, where co-working residents can have a coffee or a quick snack with 20$ discount. The place would cost you around 99rub/hour.


Ziferburg is an anti-cafe concept. When visiting the place you are only paying for the time spent there, enjoying all the benefits like tea, coffee and snacks for free. The maximum amount you can spend there is 540rub, even if you spend the whole day or night. These terms, along with its central location, have made Ziferburg an attractive place for numerous freelancers and creative professionals.