Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots on New Holland Island, St Petersburg

© Keltra89 / Pixabay
Photo of Olga Glioza
31 May 2018

What could be better than starting the day at a tasty breakfast or relaxed brunch with friends? New Holland Island in St Petersburg has quite a few great choices. From Mexican to Israeli, you can find the breakfast or brunch you crave on New Holland Island.

Wolkonsky Deli

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Wolkonsky is extremely popular, especially among those from big cities. The deli is separated in two zones: the first is the bakery, where they offer fresh and delicious bread, pastries, and sandwiches on-the-go; the second is the restaurant, meant for taking your time over a slow brunch or breakfast with a couple of friends. Wolkonsky serves breakfast daily from 8am to 12pm. Choose from a variety of omelettes, croissants, crepes and Russian pancakes.

Kuznya House

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Kuznya House offers a little of everything. During the day, it is suitable for business meetings or working remotely. At night, grab drinks with friends or attend a concert or other event. The breakfast and brunch menus offered are perfect for a slow relaxed brunch or to start your working day. Brunch is served from 12pm to 2pm during the week and from 12pm to 4pm on weekends. Try the French pastries, various porridges, toast with eggs and avocado, as well as other tasty and healthy dishes.

San Diego

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Guacamole for breakfast? Yes, please! The chef at San Diego studied in London and decided to bring Tex-Mex to St Petersburg. Try the Mexican tomato or chicken tortilla soups with guacamole. Vegetarians should take a look at their burritos and tortillas and sub cactus for meat.


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Bekitzer offers a large variety of Israeli cuisine, but the shakshuka (fried eggs with tomatoes, herbs and spices) with fresh bread and a cup of strong aromatic coffee will get your day started the right way. The pita bread is also a great option and comes with the choice of smoked turkey, mozzarella with pesto, sabich or pastrami. End your meal with one of their lovely desserts for a truly satisfying experience.