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Gallery. 3093594 (c) | Pixabay
Gallery. 3093594 (c) | Pixabay

An Insider's Guide to Moscow's Private Art Galleries

Picture of Julia Shinkareva
Contributor / Journalist
Updated: 7 December 2017

Moscow’s contemporary art and photography scene is growing extremely fast. In Moscow you can find exactly what you’re looking for, from classic masterpieces in small museums to contemporary 3D art, sculpture and photography in impressive galleries. Local galleries and art centres hold different events weekly and help local artists promote their work. Here’s our list of the best private art galleries and contemporary art centres in Moscow.

The Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography

This photo gallery is located in the heart of Moscow, in the Red October district. It was previously known for its Soviet photo exhibitions; however, the concept of the gallery has changed in recent years. Now it specialises in exhibiting the best photos from artists from all over the world. There’s a huge book store and a cafe inside the venue as well.

#фотокниги Мы вчера в библиотеке Центра открыли поп-ап выставочный проект "Книжная полка: Deutscher Fotobuchpreis"! Здесь представлены книги-лауреаты престижной премии «Deutscher Fotobuchpreis», которая ежегодно вручается фотографам, дизайнерам и издателям за фотокниги с лучшим визуальным оформлением, созданным в Германии. Вход на выставку — свободный На сайте ФОТОБУКФЕСТА вы можете познакомиться со списком книг, которые представлены на "Полке": #exhibition #photobookfest

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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2008 and it has earned a reputation for being the most significant and influential art venue in the Russian Federation. Garage Museum truly defines Russia’s ideology of modern art. Many famous artists have participated in expositions at the museum, among them Louise Bourgeois, Kusama and James Turrell. The museum provides visitors an opportunity to visit exhibitions, participate in workshops, enjoy films at the cinema hall, and contemplate their visit over coffee and biscuits at its famous cafe. 

Дарума — японская версия имени основателя дзен-буддизма Бодхидхармы. В отличие от китайских монахов Бодхидхарма носил бороду — поэтому получил прозвище «бородатый варвар» и очень часто изображался с бородой и тяжелым взглядом исподлобья. На выставке #будетласковыйдождь мы показываем двух «Дарум» #ТакасиМураками, опирающегося на долгую традицию изображений Дарумы китайскими и японскими художниками. Подробнее об этом — в аудиогиде к выставке. __________ Daruma is the Japanese name of Bodhidharma, a monk who traveled from India to China and founded Zen Buddhism. There is a rich iconography surrounding Daruma. For example, in the early stages of the spread of Zen Buddhism in China, Bodhidharma was nicknamed “the bearded barbarian” because, unlike Chinese monks, he had a beard. He was often depicted with a beard, glaring out from under his heavy brows. Discover the large canvases depicting Daruma at #TakashiMurakami's Under the Radiation Falls #garagemca #undertheradiationfalls #музейгараж

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GLAZ Gallery

Glaz gallery is considered to be one of the biggest private photo galleries in Moscow and it’s located in the Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod. Its location makes it very accessible to art fans. The collection of photos is so overwhelming, you can find pretty much everything, from Soviet and American classics to contemporary digital art works. Like a typical art gallery, the photos are available for purchase.

Stella Art Foundation

This venue was founded by Stella Kesaeva, one of Russia’s most influential art collectors and the curator of the Russian Pavilion at Biennale in Venice. Stella is internationally famous for her interest in conceptualism, established in Russia some years ago. Kesaeva is also known for her global promotion of young local artists.

«Вот медсестра Таня (смеётся). Здесь люди просто золотые. А что ещё? Не знаю… Но вот птички. Я кормлю птичек из окна. Они всегда ко мне прилетают, и я им бросаю хлебушек. Иногда так много соберётся. Вот недавно прилетали синички. А одна была зелёная. Удивительно. Зелёная синичка», — рассказывает Елена Владимировна, пациентка хосписа, Яне Сметаниной. Художник #ЯнаСметанина приезжала в хоспис «Дегунино», знакомилась с пациентами, рисовала и записывала их маленькие истории. Сегодня в Stella Art Foundation открылась выставка «Такеда. Боль и Воля» — в экспозиции представлены и работы Яны. Выставка продлится до 30 марта по адресу Скарятинский переулок, 7 🏡 #больиволя, #arthelpru, #такеда

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Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM)

MAMM was founded back in 1996 by Olga Sviblova, a famous Russian art critic and professor. It is thought to be one of the most significant private photo galleries in Moscow. Sviblova’s objective was to bring more famous international photographers to Moscow and organise their private exhibitions, and she has done just that. If you want a truly unforgettable gallery experience, visit MAMM.