A Weekend Guide to Yekaterinburg, Russia

Ploshchad 1905 Goda Metro Station | Kostya Wiki / Wikipedia
Ploshchad 1905 Goda Metro Station | Kostya Wiki / Wikipedia
As a modern city with a long past, Yekaterinburg has so many elements to explore. Execution site to the last Russian royal family and birth place to the Russian Federation’s first president, the city has unique political importance. Its industrial roots are still evident in many of its constructivist buildings, replete with Brutalist charm and splendour. It also has a thriving art, culture and music scene, and as the major city for the Ural region, straddling both European and Asian Russia, it is a gastronomical delight. All this makes for a busy trip if you’re visiting for a short time, so don’t miss out on the best bits with our weekend guide.

What to do on Saturday morning

Go on a self-guided tour with highlights from the Red Line Tour and add some of Yekaterinburg’s iconic constructivist buildings into the mix. Start at the city ponds and take in the Dinamo building’s Brutalist beauty from across the banks. Stroll around and make your way to the Iset River embankment to soak up a bit of street life. Have a quick look at the immense Square of 1905, which was once was a conflict site during the Russian Revolution and is now a multi-purpose space.

Stop off at Mamma’s Big House and lap up the café’s retro feel over a coffee and snack before you amble down towards the QWERTY Monument and the Beatles Monument along Iset River.

Finally, head over to the Medical Village and the House of Justice Building Complex to get another taste of Yekaterinburg’s finest constructivist buildings.

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What to do on Saturday afternoon

Head on down to Nigora for a cheap, cheerful and well-deserved lunch, and eat your fill of delicious Uzbek cuisine. After lunch, visit the Yeltsin centre and learn about Russian politics, while admiring the centre’s modern architecture.

Finish the afternoon off with a beer or two at Jaws Spot – a beer bar attached to one of Russia’s premier craft breweries that is paving the way for craft beer in the nation.

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What to do on Saturday evening

Make your own dinner at Pelmeni Club, a cheerful and friendly little restaurant where diners can actually make their own dumplings. Have a cocktail at New Bar before it gets rammed, then catch a gig and party the night away at Loft, a multi purpose arts and hospitality space that is in the old Press House, another constructivist treat.

Press House Loft Courtesy of Press House Loft

What to do on Sunday morning

Enjoy a lazy brunch at Engels, a charming and casual waffle cafe that does all the European and Russian breakfast standards as well. Then mosey on over to the Vysotsky Business Center and take the elevator up to the 52nd floor to the observation deck and get the best view of Yekaterinburg there is.

Cityscape of Yekaterinburg in Russia from Vysotsky Tower ©Mikhail Markovskiy/Shutterstock

What to do on Sunday afternoon

Stop by the Black Tulip, Yekaterinburg’s beautifully sad war memorial, as well as going past the NKVS Residential Complex which is another Brutalist building.

Get an appreciation for Yekaterinburg’s historical importance in relation to the Russian Federation, as you take your time at the Church On Blood and the Romanov execution site and ponder the end of empirical Russia and a family.

Romanov Family ©Boasson and Eggler/Wikipedia

What to do on Sunday evening

Head on over to Café 26/28, a new hipster restaurant headed by chef Vladimir Olkinitskiy, who is reviving local cuisine by creating contemporary Ural dishes in a very cool environment. Finally, finish your weekend off in grand style by catching an opera or ballet performance at one of Russia’s most important regional state theatres, and enjoy Russia’s long-standing appreciation for classical art forms.