A Guide to Watersports in Sochi

Water. Free-Photos (c) | Pixabay
Water. Free-Photos (c) | Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist19 December 2017

The city of Sochi is located in Russia’s southern region, and it is undoubtedly one of the country’s favourite multi-sport cities. This place is suitable for your winter and summer sporting vacations, any month of the year. Sochi is very popular among fans of windsurfing, yachting, sailing, kiting, fishing and other water sports. You can book any of these activities daily depending on season and weather. Here’s our list of water sport activities you can do during your stay.

Windsurfing on the Black Sea

The Black Sea has great waves. However the coastline has something else to offer its visitors: wind. Plenty of it. That’s why it became one of the most popular spots among locals for windsurfing experiences, particularly during the windy summer months (mid-July and August). Many local clubs and schools offer visitors affordable packages and rental equipment. If you’re visiting around mid-June, these activities are highly recommended.


Modern Sochi is the perfect place for yachting adventures. Discover the Black Sea via sailboat or luxury yacht – the choices here are endless. The coastline has many hidden and beautiful beaches that cannot be reached without a boat. Many local companies rent out different boats that provide an unforgettable experience. Yachting became a popular activity in this area recently, especially among tourists. Nevertheless, it’s still quite easy to find a good tour or rental company. You won’t even have to wait.


With its long coast and warm, soft climate, Sochi is one of the best places in Russia to go sailing. Sochi’s coastline draws in marine adventure fans and their families, but the surrounding mountains keep them enthralled with hiking, skiing, snowboarding and more. The season starts in the mid-April and lasts until October. Information is available at all the yachting and sailing agencies in Sochi, as well as major hotel chains.


The Black Sea of Sochi provides its visitors an opportunity to go fishing year round. Each season brings new varieties of fish. Locals usually catch scorpion, mullet and goat fish, among other species. Many regional companies arrange fishing tours in Sochi daily, so if you decide last minute to go fishing, you won’t be out of luck.


The main kitesurfing spot in Russia is located in Sochi. This is mainly because of its soft, warm, windy climate. Sochi’s crystal clear waters and picturesque mountains are considered to be the most beautiful in the region. It’s highly recommended to come between April and September.

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You can count on your fingers the number of surfing spots in Russia. However, the city of Sochi is the exception as it offers its visitors great waves. The coastline of the city has plenty of jetties that local surfers enjoy. Season after season, Sochi has earned a reputation for being a great spot for surfers from all over the world. While the waves are not always the highest, the area is good for variety and open space.

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