A Guide to Moscow's Hidden Restaurants

Date. PublicCo | © Pixabay
Date. PublicCo | © Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist11 January 2018

The hidden and centrally located restaurant trend is taking over the city of Moscow. This trend has been spreading widely in Moscow over the past few years since the city administration decided to open more restaurants for visitors. Locals simply wanted a private and an intimate relaxing atmosphere. Nowadays a multiple number of restaurants and bars have been spawning all over the city of Moscow, hidden down in the yards of old Stalin buildings, behind the ordinary entrance doors and even on the rooftops. So, here is our list of the best-hidden restaurants with bars in Moscow only locals know about.

Tilda Food & Bar

Restaurant, Russian
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This beloved gastropub of locals is located in Tverskoy District, close to the Patriarch Ponds area. However, it’s not easy to find, simply because it’s located in the basement of an old residential building, so follow the Google Maps to find it quickly. The menu is extensive and offers you many fish and meat courses with affordable prices and the best fruit lemonades in this area. The best day to visit is Wednesday, as it’s not very crowded. Reservations are not obligatory.


Cafe, Restaurant, Australian, Dessert, Wine, $$$
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This Australian restaurant established by Moscow-based Aussie Chef Glen Ballis is undoubtedly one of the most “nourishing” hidden gastronomic gems located in the Tverskoy District of Moscow. Aussie-style dishes are on offer here daily, the menu changes depending on the season, and all the products are delivered to the kitchen daily from Russian farms. There is a vast choice of Australian wines and desserts.


Restaurant, Northern European, $$$
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This Northern European cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow, however, not many visitors know where exactly, and surely if you’re not ex-Muscovite with a huge gastronomic venue visiting experience. Many Swedish traditional courses and drinks are on offer here daily, we highly recommend that you start with the fish with spinach, potatoes, and mushroom sauce and surely book your table in advance for a weekend lunch. And yes, check the map carefully! It’s in the center, but you may get lost because of the multiple bridges in this area that all look the same.


Restaurant, Peruvian, $$$
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This local gem, managed by famous Russian Chef Vladimir Muhin (White Rabbit), is located near the Garden Ring of Moscow, at Novinsky Boulevard, and offers you an extensive list of traditional Peruvian courses cooked from fresh ingredients only. A vast choice of typical Peruvian drinks and a good mood are both guaranteed. It’s quite hard to get there by foot, so we recommend you get a taxi or use a tube.

Carmel Moscow

Restaurant, Israeli, $$$
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This Israeli cuisine restaurant, located in the heart of the city, offers a vast choice of kosher courses and typical local drinks. It’s hidden in one of the oldest buildings of central district of Moscow and you can find it by the big sign on the door.

Bruce Lee Moscow

Restaurant, Chinese, $$$
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This Chinese restaurant named after the famous Chinese/American actor Bruce Lee is located in the Red October neighborhood of Moscow and hidden in one of its countless buildings near the river. You should walk through all of them to find this spot, and believe us, you might get lost there. Check the map first, as sometimes the taxi entrance is closed. Many Chinese plates are on offer here daily and perhaps the best dumplings in the center.

Black Thai

Restaurant, Thai, Asian, $$$
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This Thai cuisine restaurant is hidden in the old building in the center of Moscow. A vast choice of typical Thai dishes and an extensive exotic cocktail list are on offer here daily. We highly recommend Black Thai if you like Asian food.