8 Restaurants in Perm that Locals Love

burger © stevepb
burger © stevepb
Photo of Marta Wiejak
3 January 2018

Perm is the gateway to Asia on your Trans Siberian tour, and is one of the main cities in the Ural mountains. It is an extremely interesting city to visit, so you should definitely make a space for it in your itinerary. Once there, you’ll need to eat and drink, so here are seven restaurants in Perm that locals love.

Sister's Bar

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Sister’s Bar is a favourite among locals at just about any time of the day: they serve breakfasts, lunches, dinners and delicious cocktails. They lend their space to local artists, so if you’re lucky, you might be just in time to see a concert, attend a lecture or experience an exhibition.


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Kavinsky is a restaurant and a cocktail bar, as well as a stage for the best local DJs, live bands, poets and writers. If you’re looking for an elegant evening drink or dinner location that locals love, Kavinsky is the place.

Gatsby's Bar&Grill

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Gatsby’s is yet another elegant cocktail venue that also happens to serve delicious food. The place fills up with locals every weekend. If you want to see how Perm’s crowd parties on a Saturday night, head to Gatsby’s.


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Mishka.Food is Perm’s ultimate burger destination. It serves delicious coffee, breakfasts and desserts too, but burgers are what it specialises in. It is a place filled with a rustic, chic atmosphere. Mishka.Food is the spot if you’re looking for a local take on international classics.


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If you prefer a place where the locals go to eat on a budget, look no more and head over to 100lovaya. Located on the premises of Perm State Pedagogical University’s student accommodations, and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it has saved countless students suffering from hangovers, midnight munchies and general hangryness. 100lovaya is the embodiment of the Russian concept of stolovaya, a buffet serving a selection of traditional dishes. The menu changes daily and all the food is displayed on the counter, so no guesswork is needed. It is truly a Russian fast-food joint for any meal of the day.


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PachaMama is a very unusual destination on the gastronomic map of Perm. It is a small, cosy, vegetarian café serving a variety of vegan options (including raw vegan). It was one of the first establishments of its kind in Perm. It has since become a hub of the city’s vegetarian community. Not only does it serve delicious food, it also organises concerts and film screenings. Going here for lunch can make you feel like you’re a lifelong member of this small, but very friendly community.


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Khutorok is another chain of restaurants that serves traditional specialities from this part of the globe. It specialises in Ukrainian cuisine and its interior decor reflects a vintage/folk Ukrainian style. Every Khutorok is extremely cosy and the food and traditional nalivkas (fruit- or herb-infused liquors) are absolutely delicious.