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Russian folk art | ©Igor Kon/ Pixabay
Russian folk art | ©Igor Kon/ Pixabay
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8 Festivals Taking Place During World Cup 2018

Picture of Zita Whalley
Updated: 27 September 2017
A slew of cultural festivities and events are in preparation as Russia gets ready for the 2018 World Cup, so don’t let a lack of interest in football get in the way of getting caught up in the excitement that will engulf Russia during competition-time. Alongside the games, each host city will offer cultural events guaranteed to keep the areas buzzing all through the day and night. Get amongst the festivities with these picks of the best cultural occasions each host city has to offer.

White Nights Festival, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s summer days stretch into the night because of the city’s latitude and, at the height of summer, the city sees little darkness, thanks to the midnight sun. The White Nights Festival, from 26 May to 23 July 2018, celebrates these gauzy nights and the Russian long-standing appreciation for the arts, by opening up cultural institutions, including the Hermitage and the Mariinsky Theatre, with a programme of ballet, opera, art and music. The festival culminates in the Scarlet Sails, a public event that sees a lit-up ship sail down the Neva River as fireworks light up the sky.

Hermitage theatre, Palace Embankment, 34, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000, +7 812 571 3465

Mariinsky theatre, Theatre Square, 1, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000, +7 812 326 4141

Scarlet Sails, St Petersburg
Scarlet Sails, St Petersburg | ©Sergey Nikolaev/Flickr
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