20 Instagrams That Will Make You Fall in Love with Yekaterinburg

Monument to the Beatles | © yachmenev/ Wikipedia Commons
Monument to the Beatles | © yachmenev/ Wikipedia Commons

Yekaterinburg started as an regional, industrial hub and has grown into a ritzy city with an edgy, artsy underbelly. The mix of sparkling skyscrapers and bright new buildings with parkland, gritty Soviet design and historic churches make this sprawling metropolis a dream to visit. If you come to this city for World Cup 2018, you may never want to leave. See for yourself with these Instagram snaps. 

City centre

A sprawling, glittery metropolis, Yekaterinburg is the unofficial capital of the Ural Mountain range and is not far from the Europe-Asia border.

Yekaterinburg State Circus

The geometry of the dome topped state circus building is impressive close up and from a distance.

Ulitsa 8th March 43, Yekaterinburg,  Russia

Iset River Embankment

Anytime of year, the Iset River Embankment is ideal for strolling about and soaking up the city atmosphere. Manicured lawns line the pedestrian thoroughfare which has loads to look at including a public art sculpture that, on occasion, has been turned into an angry bird and pokemon go.

Ulitsa Gorkogo 20, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Church upon the Blood
History Museum
Church upon the Blood

Church upon the Blood | © Carnby/WikiCommons

Marking the site where Bolsheviks executed Russia’s last royal family, heralding a new era for the nation, is the stunning gold dome topped Church upon the Blood.

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City lakes

On the other side of Lenin Avenue from the Iset River Embankment are the serene city lakes that have some of the best city views in town.

City Lakes, Gorodskoy Prud, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Vysotsky building

Looking out from Vysotsky Viewing Platform | © Эрлинг/WikiCommons

One of the tallest skyscrapers in Russia, the sparkling Vysotsky building offers unbeatable panoramas from the observation deck on the 53rd floor.

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Constructivism in Yekaterinburg

Telling of Yekaterinburg’s industrial beginnings and Soviet past are the constructivist buildings scattered across the town, including the well known Russia Post building.

Prospekt Lenina 39, Yekaterinburg, Russia

City skyline

Above the rooftops, Yekaterinburg’s industry dots the city’s skyline.

Yeltsin Centre

Commemorating the Russian Federation’s first president and a Yekaterinburg local, Boris Yeltsin, is the swish Yeltsin Centre, an educational hub dedicated to modern Russian politics.

Ulitsa Borisa Yeltsina 3, Yekaterinburg, Russia

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