20 Instagrams That Will Make You Fall in Love With Samara

Konstantin Golovkin's Cottage | ©karnaval2018 / Shutterstock
Konstantin Golovkin's Cottage | ©karnaval2018 / Shutterstock
There is plenty to catch your eye in World Cup host city Samara. Gleaming skyscrapers, impressive statues, constructivist relics and architectural hangovers from Soviet times dot this Volga side port town. Then there is the spectacular scenery just outside the city, the rolling fields and starry skies. With so much to look at, you might miss a game. To avoid that take a look at these Instagrams.

Naberezhnaya Embankment

Public sculpture, fountains, food stalls and gardens line this embankment which runs parallel to the Volga River.

Prospekt Volzhsky 43, Samara, Russia

The Volga region

Head just outside the city limits for some ridiculously picturesque countryside along the Volga River.

Samara’s brutalism

A closed city during Soviet times, much of Samara’s architecture reflects Soviet and constructivist design aesthetics.

Soviet living

Communal living and shared domestic space was a driving force in Soviet apartment blocks, and Samara has some whoppers – this one on Lenin Avenue is just under a kilometre in length.

Prospekt Lenina 3, Samara, Russia

Stela Ladya

Celebrating the pirates who used to lurk around the Volga River and the Zhiguli Mountains in the 15th century, a sculpture of a boat bow juts out towards the river just in front of Samara’s twin towers.

Stela Ladya, Samara, Russia

New Samara

Preparations for the World Cup are seeing slick new buildings and apartment blocks popping up around town.

Samara arena

Purpose built for the World Cup 2018, this sports stadium is going to be one of the newest arenas to host a match.

Samara beach

Packed with people during the warmer months, the long, wide sandy banks of the Volga River in Samara is one of Russia’s best landlocked beaches.

City Beach, Samara, Russia

Shout out to @63_region for sharing their photos. If you think Samara is a gem, check out how good looking another World Cup host city, Kazan is.