12 Instagram Photographers From Moscow You Should Follow

Moscow Metro sign | © Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov / WikiCommons
Moscow Metro sign | © Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov / WikiCommons
Photo of Marta Wiejak
22 January 2018

How many big cities can be described as picturesque? Regardless of the actual count, Moscow is definitely one of them. The labyrinth-like streets in the old town, the scenic parks, the futuristic glass-and-concrete constructions, the world-famous metro and the people in it – Moscow is not short of things to photograph. These Instagram photographers have found the hidden gems scattered around the city and make them shine for the whole world to see. If you want to discover the beauty of Moscow, here are 12 Instagram photographers you should follow.


Sasha Levin is a Moscow-based professional photographer. His Instagram feed is full of breathtaking architectural views of Moscow, intertwined with occasional pictures from his travels or assignments. If you want to see the city of Moscow in all its glory follow @sashalevin


@mscstrts is an account full of sombre, dim photographs of Moscow known and unknown. The atmospheric, black-and-white photographs explore Moscow’s most frequented tourist destinations from an unusual perspective, and also show some hidden gems that the majority of tourists miss. It’s an account for those who want to see a different side of Moscow.


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@ohmymoscow is a blog run by a local, Katya Trofimova. Her Instagram feed is full of warm, cosy, sometimes humorous photographs of Moscow as only the locals know it, as well as occasional insightful travel snippets. Katya is the person to follow if you want to prove to yourself that Moscow can be warm even in the middle of winter.


If you’re a fan of street photography, unusual perspectives and portraits of strangers, @mcmlxi is for you. The insightful and interesting photographs tell stories with aspects of the city in the background.

call me killer 🔪 @edo_brm

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@dimikangaroo is an undeniable master of unusual perspectives and iPhone photography. His pictures, taken on the phone, will prove to you that you don’t really know how to use your iPhone camera and that you don’t really know Moscow at all.


If you want to see the soft face of Moscow, @amazing_way is the account to get in your feed. Svetlana, the photographer behind it, skilfully captures the charm of well-known places in the Russian capital. She intertwines the photographs of Moscow with occasional snaps from her travels and some well-composed coffee shop still shots.

Больше огня✨

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If, on the other hand, you’re after coarse images of everyday, mundane Moscow, and you’re a fan of photographic storytelling, Gleb Khailov, the photographer behind @starodubov_ is one to follow. He focuses on details most people don’t notice, which tell an untold story of Moscow. His another speciality are portraits of native Muscovites.


Pavel Ogrodnikov takes pictures of architectural gems of Moscow. His aerial photographs paint the image of a majestic city, designed to impress and overwhelm both the native inhabitants and occasional visitors. @Pavelog will show you Moscow as you most certainly don’t know it.

Немые хранители Москвы

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Vlad Senkovich likes two things: people and motion. His Instagram feed is full of beautiful portraits of his friends and strangers, as well as the beautiful buildings of Moscow surrounded by beams of light from the moving vehicles. @vlad_senkovich shows you a Moscow you may not have seen before.


@trappershot knows how to construct a troublesome image. The contrast, the use of light and the composition, as well as his eye for detail, all go towards creating photographs that will leave you feeling positively uneasy.


Moscow is famous for its metro full of long escalators and endless corridors, and it seems to be where romance flourishes. @moscow_love_metro consists of photographs of people in love, captured on their daily commute. Is there anything more heart-warming to scroll through?


@moscowmetroexplorer is yet another account dedicated to the beauty of the Moscow metro, as well as people-watching. If you want to feel as if you are in Moscow on your morning commute, follow Tatiana’s excellent account.

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