10 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Moscow

Date. 5688709 (c) | Pixabay
Date. 5688709 (c) | Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist18 February 2018

We all know that Moscow offers visitors countless boutique hotels, luxury Michelin-starred restaurants and romantic cafes, but what about more unusual things to do? Romantic spots in Moscow include beautiful parks and gardens with breathtaking views, and many hidden places only locals know about. Here’s a list of unusual date ideas you should know about before travelling to Moscow with your better half.

Picnic date in Gorky Park with local foods

Get yourself a bottle of Russian or Caucasian wine in one of the local supermarkets, buy some local fruits and cheese and head towards Gorky Park. An intimate evening is guaranteed. One of the best options would be to buy traditional Russian foods and wine at Aromatny Mir supermarket, located nearby. This activity is very popular with locals.

Picnic. Pexels (c) / Pixabay | Picnic. Pexels (c) / Pixabay

Book a Russian cooking class

Taking a Russian cuisine cooking class is really exciting, especially when you’re not familiar with the main dishes. “Taste of Russia” offers visitors a chance to take inspiration from international gastronomic TV shows and try their hand at Russian cuisine.

Pelmeni. quinntheislander (c) / Pixabay

Romantic breakfast at the Patriarch Ponds

Breakfast dates are considered the most romantic in Russia’s capital. Do as the locals do and invite your better half to one of the beloved breakfast spots at the Patriarch Ponds area. Cozy NUDE is a good option since it has many contemporary Russian cuisine meal options.

Visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

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Moscow is full of hidden historical gems that you should visit. One of these beloved spots of locals, despite the fact that it’s a Catholic cathedral, is The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary. It’s the biggest and most beautiful Catholic cathedral in Russia, and open weekly to visitors for an organ music concert. It’s become a favourite even among non-Catholics because of its beautiful architecture, regular organ music concerts and various events. Check the event schedule here.

Commission a portrait of your beloved

Arbat Street is considered the main art street of Moscow. Many artists and painters work outside daily, waiting for new clients. Choose the one you like and have them paint a portrait of your better half of the streets of Moscow.

Arbat District, Moscow, Russia.


Artist. jeh6 (c) / Pixabay

Have a traditional Russian sauna evening

Russia is famous for its traditional saunas (‘banya’ in Russian), and offers visitors to Moscow many exciting options. Visit Sanduni Banya and have some quality time a-la Russe with your beloved.

Neglinnaya Street 14, Moscow, Russia.

Read English books in Biblio Globus Bookstore

Biblio Globus bookstore is considered to be one of the oldest and the best in Moscow. It consists of many floors and halls and has fiction in different languages on the second floor of the building. However, visitors usually don’t know that the store has a huge reading hall inside where you can stay for hours. Isn’t it romantic? In a local way, yes.

Myasnitskaya Street 6/3, Building 1, Moscow, Russia.


Reading. StockSnap (c) / Pixabay

Visit historical Mayakovskaya Metro Station

It’s a well-known fact that the Moscow underground is full of wonders, stories and secrets. Mayakovskaya station is considered one of the most mystical stations in the whole metropolitan underground system of Russia. It was named after famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakosky, who lived and worked in the Tverskoy neighbourhood, right in front of the main entrance. What makes this station unique is its outstanding marble decoration in pink, blue and beige.