The Most Romantic Romanian Phrases

Check out the most romantic Romanian phrases | © Ben_Kerckx/ Pixabay
Check out the most romantic Romanian phrases | © Ben_Kerckx/ Pixabay
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18 December 2017

Romance and love can be expressed in many different ways, from sayings that show your appreciation, your admiration, and your affection for someone. There are many ways to say to someone ‘I love you’, and Romanians have developed a plethora of phrases to express their feelings. Here we present to you the most romantic ones.

Te iubesc

Same as ‘I love you’, ‘te iubesc’ is the common form of expressing your feelings of love for someone. Nothing similar with French ‘je t’aime‘, Spanish ‘te amo‘, Italian ‘ti amo‘, the expression comes from the ‘a iubi’ verb, derived from the old Slavic word ‘ljubiti’.

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Te ador

The supreme form of expressing your feelings for someone, ‘te ador, meaning ‘I adore you’, is used when you are madly in love with someone.

Îmi place de tine

Meaning ‘I like you’, Romanians mostly use this expression to declare their appreciation for someone. It can be related to both physical and personality traits, and it’s often used when you start admiring someone.

I like you | © klimkin/ Pixabay

Țin la tine

Similar to ‘I care about you’, ‘țin la tine’ means that you have developed a certain affection for someone, that you cherish each other. It can be used between friends, yet many people use it when they value someone without being in love.

I care about you | © StockSnap/ Pixabay

Mă gândesc la tine

A tender way of expressing the fact that you care about someone, ‘mă gândesc la tine’ is the equivalent of ‘I am thinking about you’. Romanians mainly use it to express that they miss someone.

Mi-e dor de tine

Mi-e dor de tine’ is an expression that cannot be translated word by word, as the noun ‘dor does not have an equivalent in any other language. However, the message transmitted is the same as ‘I miss you’ and can be used for family, friends and lovers.

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Mă faci fericit(ă)

A genuine way of saying that you are content with someone, ‘mă faci fericit(ă)’ is the same as ‘you make me happy’. This phrase is mostly used by couples to express their beatitude in the relationship.

You make me happy | © StockSnap/ Pixabay

Ești fata/băiatul visurilor mele

Aiming to express the perfection of your loved one, ‘ești băiatul/fata visurilor mele’ means ‘you are the guy/girl of my dreams’. A sentimental way of showing how much the other means to you.

In my dreams | © Angela_Yuriko_Smith/ Pixabay

Ești parte din mine

What could be translated to ‘you are a part of me’ is a Romanian saying used to express that your lover has become your half, that he or she is essential to you.

Ești dragostea vieții mele

Used to express very strong feelings, ‘ești dragostea vieții mele, translating as ‘you are the love of my life’, is a statement used by the Romanians when they are sure that they will love the other person until the end of their days.

Love of my life | © Olessya / Pixabay

Mi-ai intrat în suflet

A beautiful way of saying that you started having feelings for someone, ‘mi-ai intrat în suflet’ means that someone entered into your heart, that you have fallen for someone and that someone has become a part of you.

M-am îndrăgostit de tine

If you fell in love with someone you can say ‘m-am îndrăgostit de tine’, signifying that you’ve started loving the person and have developed strong feelings for him or her. Being ‘îndrăgostit’ is often associated with a state of bliss and the joy of being in love.

Being in love | © Babienochka/ Pixabay

Te iubesc din toata inima

Same as ‘te iubesc din tot sufletul’, this is another way of saying to someone that you love him or her with all your heart and that you have deep sentiments for him or her.

Inima mea îți aparține

Translated as ‘my heart is yours’, this saying denotes that you are in love and conveys feelings of trust, pure love, and a strong connection with the other.

My heart is yours | © jarmoluk/ Pixabay

Tu ești sufletul meu pereche

Meaning ‘you are my soulmate’, this is a way of saying that the other is a part of who you are, matching you. Romanians also say ‘ești jumătatea mea, meaning you are my half.

Soulmates | © Takmeomeo/ Pixabay

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