The Best Restaurants in Constanța

Constanta's Casino | © pozek / Flickr
Constanta's Casino | © pozek / Flickr
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9 January 2018

A visit to Constanța should be about enjoying both the sea and the city; resting on its beaches, admiring its monuments and treating yourself to some amazing food. So, to make sure your visit doesn’t lack a great culinary experience, we’ve prepared a list of the finest restaurants in the city. Enjoy!

Bacaro Port

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In Constanța’s touristy harbour, Bacaro Port restaurant regales its clients with delicious seafood dishes. With a wide selection of fresh Black Sea fish, mussels, sea fruits, as well as pasta, beef and pork dishes, the menu offers plenty of amazing recipes to chose from. And what better way to compliment them, if not with a glass of good Romanian wine? Top that off with a view of the sunset from Bacaro’s lovely terraces, and you have yourself a meal to remember. This is the perfect place to relax and fully enjoy a culinary experience.

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Reyna Restaurant

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Serving toothsome seafood and Italian food, Reyna restaurant awaits its guests on the ground floor of Reyna Hotel. Just beyond its doors, it offers stunning views of the sea, which you can enjoy from its spacious terrace. Each meal is prepared with great care and served by attentive staff members. Reyna is an excellent place for those who like hearty meals in an easy-going atmosphere. Don’t miss the saganachi with shrimp and mussels or the Reyna cake.

Restaurant Chevalet

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Seafood, Mexican
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Great for a romantic dinner on the beach, Restaurant Chevalet is certainly among the best restaurants in the area. While seafood dishes are not missing from the menu, the restaurant also serves tasty quesadillas, fajitas, perfectly cooked beef dishes and savoury ice-creams and pancakes. The welcoming and professional staff will take care of you throughout your experience and recommend dishes and wines that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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Le Premier Restaurant

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Le Premier restaurant is a superb choice for a fine dining experience. With marvellous views over the sea and a tastefully decorated interior, this is an elegant place to taste some of Constanța’s best dishes. Seafood and meats, as well as vegetables are prepared with careful consideration. No matter your preference, you will find delectable options on their menu, from creamy soups to luscious salads to interesting pasta dishes to beef, duck or lamb dishes. Wine lovers haven’t been left out. They will enjoy a variety of Romanian and international wines and beverages, all served in a cosy ambiance.

Pizzico Restaurant

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Located on Ovidiu Square, Pizzico Restaurant serves delicious Romanian and international cuisine in a bright and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant is a favourite among locals as it has a large space inside and out. If you want to taste authentic Romanian food, order the ciorbă de văcuță (veal soup) or the ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup) for the first course, then the ciolan de berbecuț (ram meat) for the second course. Dishes are served by a very friendly, English-speaking staff.

Nikos Greek Taverna

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For a Greek culinary experience in Constanța, Nikos Greek Taverna is the ideal place to eat. Here it’s easy to imagine yourself on one of Greece’s beaches, enjoying a meal full of flavor and sipping local beer or wine. Nikos Greek Taverna accomplishes this with authentic recipes, impeccable service and attention to detail. Try the gyros and souvlakia as a main course, then finish on a sweet note with Greek baklava.

Konak Turcesc

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If Turkish cuisine is more your style, enjoy it in Constanța at Konak Turcesc, where authentic Turkish recipes are prepared by Turkish chefs. Myriad dishes like kebab, cacik (cucumber yogurt dip), şakşuka (tomato-garlic veggie dish), lahmajoun (Turkish pizza), sucuklu pide (sausage pizza boat), güllaç (pastry with fresh pomegranate and milk) and künefe (a kind of cheese cake) are served daily by a welcoming staff. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the names of the dishes, the waiters will help you and recommend specials. Konak Turcesc is great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, and you can dine inside the restaurant or have it be delivered to your accommodation. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this tasty restaurant.

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